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What Mom Life Really Looks Like


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ben Bridge Jeweler. All opinions are 100% mine.

At the beginning of the summer, we have this ideal view of what time with our kids will look like. We imagine them engaged in fun activities, happy and us as moms enjoying ourselves. What happens is slightly less perfect. Here’s what mom life really looks like.

Mom life is hard! You know all those idyllic kid activities you see? Well, here's how parenting really goes down. Real life is far from perfect... but reality can also be fun.

We start with grand plans.

And then mom life usually means sheltered inside rotating through episodes of Paw Patrol and Full House.

Don’t get me wrong, some of those plans may end up happening. But life as a mom is far from perfect. It can be busy, stressful, and you might be counting down the days (or hours) until school starts again.

So many of us lose ourselves when we are at home. We lose a little freedom, a lot of extra time and mega amounts of patience.

That reason is why I love style so much and why I still wear jewelry and accessories – even when I don’t plan on seeing other adults.

Yes, my kids may be yelling at each other but at least I can still claim some of my “adultness” by wearing pieces that make me feel pretty – like this gorgeous Lisa Bridge Lapis Lazuli & Black Sapphire Necklace from Ben Bridge. Lisa Bridge necklace Ben Bridge Jeweler curates collections of quality jewels to withstand the trials of everyday life. And yes, trials mean raising kids.

Sure, my son may be screaming at me from downstairs because he somehow thinks I abandoned him when I went to the bathroom for 30-seconds, but I can look down at my hands and distract myself with a pretty ring.

It’s those little bits that help you save your sanity during the year.

Motherhood isn’t perfect, but we also wouldn’t want to be. Where would we get our insane stories??

I can tell you a ton of ideas to have quality time with your kids. However, those activities usually don’t go as planned. Don’t blame yourself. It’s all the fun of having family. So I have for you 2 realistic activities to do with your kids and then how they really go down.

Making Marshmallow Squares

No need to turn on oven… let’s do some “un-baking”, right? Plus, all you need is a box of rice cereal, butter and a bag of marshmallows.

My master plan was to bake these treats with my kids and then deliver them to the neighbors.

Thwarted! That plan was thwarted!! Why? Not five minutes into the activity, I hear my daughter tell my son, “Erik, don’t lick the butter!” making marshmallow squares

Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Ok, so now we’re the only ones going to be eating these.

But we had moments, my son and daughter’s excitement for baking… Baking with Ben Bridge necklace And then decorating… decorating easy baking activity for kids

And trust me, that was unsanitary as well since between squeezing frosting, my son ate the frosting directly from the tube.

Ben Bridge Necklace mom life

Notice the necklace? I feel pretty. I feel pretty. I feel pretty.  Stay calm.  Persevere.

Eating Marshmallow Squares

Truth be told, I let each of my kids have one square a piece after dinner.

Then, I ate a few more when they were out of the house the next day.

Eating kids food

This Lisa Bridge Turquoise and black sapphire ring from Ben Bridge was the perfect companion to my marshmallow square stealing exploits.

Since Ben Bridge only works with accomplished artisans to produce exclusive collections and only purchases exceptional metals and gemstones, this ring is the perfect piece to wear for everyday life. And everyday life of course includes stealing your kid’s marshmallow squares.

It wasn’t stress eating – it was delightful, decadent treats that I enjoyed in silence with only the crunching of rice cereal. You know how hard it is to get quiet as a mom!

Taking Kids to the Library

Cuddling with a book and reading at the library. Sounds amazing, yes?

Except, it usually doesn’t go that way.

My daughter goes off to her section as my son leads me into the kid’s area.

“Ooh.. mommy, grasshoppers! Can you read to me?”

“Yes, let’s sit over here!” I get to sit and read. Woot! I open the book to begin and then, take kids to library Yep.

Then, as we’re leaving the library he tells me how I never read to him. But again, its the little things.

My daughter hit the book jackpot and found five stories to read.

My son sat quietly and looked through a book as I helped her find those books.

We were together. That’s all that matters.

You can never be a perfect mom. Activities won’t always go how you envision. You do what you can and do those little things that make you feel human. These two pieces from Ben Bridge help me do just that – help me feel pretty and human even during those tough temper tantrums and sibling squabbles.

It’s always the little moments in motherhood that make it successful. Finding those moments of victory and peace. Here’s to you mama. You are doing an amazing job.

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JoAnn Crohn

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What Mom Life Really Looks LIke
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What Mom Life Really Looks LIke
At the beginning of the summer, we have this ideal view of what time with our kids will look like. We imagine them engaged in fun activities, happy and us as moms enjoying ourselves. What happens is slightly less perfect. Here’s what mom life really looks like.
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