Love kicking back with a good book?

Us too! Get these two books written by JoAnn Crohn, M.Ed, founder of No Guilt Mom.

One is for you as a parent and the other is for your kids!

Me & My Friendships: A Kid’s Guide to Making Friends

Just like riding a bike, baking chocolate chip cookies, or playing a video game, making friends is a skill kids can build.

This fun entry into friendship books for kids teaches little ones how to be a good friend—and choose friends who treat them with kindness and respect, too. From introducing themselves with confidence to dealing with disagreements and bullying, they’ll learn all the skills they need to form healthy, lasting friendships.

Drama Free Homework: A Parent’s Guide to Eliminating Homework Battles and Raising Focused Kids

Do you want your child to take total responsibility for his or her homework? After reading Drama Free Homework, you’ll have:

√ Kids who do their homework 90% independently (as long as they’re old enough to read.)
√ Zero-delay from your kids when it comes to starting and completing homework
√ Complete confidence that you’re preparing your kids to tackle larger amounts of work in the future. (hello, high school)