Episode #94: When Your Parenting Journey Isn’t What You Expected

In this episode, we talk with Einat Nathan, a parenting expert, counselor, and author from Israel. Her international bestseller My Everything: The Parent I Want to Be, The Children I Hope to Raise (translated from the Hebrew Haimsheli), resonates with mothers worldwide who have read it and discovered a new way to look at their children as independent people, not just an extension of themselves. Einat helps parents with a fresh approach to parenting and is mom to 5 children, ranging in age from 8 to 21. Her second book, Mishelanu, is dedicated to relationships with teenagers.

Join us as we discuss with Einat the difference in parenting expectations in the US versus Israel, how the way our parents raised us affected our thoughts on parenting, and what pressures we face as parents in this digital age.

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In this episode of the No Guilt Mom podcast you’ll learn:

  • Some of the ways mom guilt is universal 
  • Small ways to show support for other struggling moms
  • One big difference between the US & Israel when it comes to what parents see as “success” 
  • How parenting changes from one generation to the next and the most important thing to know as a parent today

Resources We Shared In This Episode:

Me & My Friendships: A Friendship Book for Kids by JoAnn Crohn, M.Ed. Just like riding a bike, baking chocolate chip cookies, or playing a video game, making friends is a skill kids can build. This fun book for kids ages 6-9 teaches how to be a good friend and how to choose friends who treat them with kindness and respect, too. From introducing themselves with confidence to dealing with disagreements and bullying, they’ll learn all the skills they need to form healthy, lasting friendships.

My Everything: The Parent I Want to Be, The Children I Hope to Raise by Einat Nathan, the compassionate #1 bestseller in Israel that shows parents – particularly mothers – how to teach children to be strong and independent by seeing the world through their children’s eyes and feel it through their children’s hearts.

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