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Podcast Episode 125: Helping Our Kids Manage Their Worries with Dr. Regine Galanti

It’s estimated that about 32% of American teens have anxiety. Are we surprised? Our kids have a lot on their plates: getting good grades, social media, and everything involved with that, navigating and maintaining friendships. And it gets even more difficult when you add anxiety to the mix. And as moms, we often feel like it’s our job to take it all on, support, and even fix it all for our kids. Guess what? You’re not supposed to be your child’s therapist! You can’t fix it all.

In this episode, we are talking with Regine Galanti. She’s the founder of Long Island Behavioral Psychology, a private practice in NY, and Author of Anxiety Relief for Teens her newest book, When Harley Has Anxiety. She specializes in helping kids, teens, and parents manage anxiety through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and specifically giving them tools to help them face their fears.

We share all the fears we have as parents about our kids’ anxiety, how our own beliefs can affect how we view anxiety in our kids and what we can actually do to help our kids if we feel they’re struggling with anxiety. 

Resources We Shared:

Happy Mom Summit A FREE 6-day virtual event to help you ​​yell less & have more patience!

When Harley Has Anxiety: A Fun CBT Skills Activity Book to Help Manage Worries and Fears by Regine Galanti PhD – When worries and fears come along, Harley the Hedgehog can handle them—and so can your child! A fun activity book for coping with anxiety, for kids ages 5 to 9.

Anxiety Relief for Teens: Essential CBT Skills and Mindfulness Practices to Overcome Anxiety and Stress by Regine Galanti PhD – Is anxiety disrupting your life? With proven CBT-based skills and mindfulness techniques, this book can be your guide out of the spiraling stress of anxiety and get you back on track to living a happy and healthy life.

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Brie Tucker

COO/ Podcast Producer at No Guilt Mom
Brie Tucker has over 20 years of experience coaching parents with a background in early childhood and special needs. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Central Missouri and is certified in Positive Discipline as well as a Happiest Baby Educator.

She’s a divorced mom to two teenagers.

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