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Podcast Episode 254: 15-Minute Solution to Declutter Your Whole House Transcripts

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JoAnn Crohn: Welcome to the No Guilt Mom podcast. I am your host JoAnn Crohn, joined here by the lovely Brie Tucker.

Brie Tucker: Why, hello, hello, everybody. How are you?

JoAnn Crohn: We got our red lips on and we are ready to roll today.

Brie Tucker: red lips rock and roll, baby.

JoAnn Crohn: Like if, if you need a confidence boost, maybe we highly recommend red lips. They are the best confidence boost. There is in today’s episode, when we first got on with our guests, both her and Brie were rocking red lips and I was not, and I had to grab my lipstick because I’m like, you know what, this is a vibe we’re just going to put it on and it’s going to look fantastic. So life hack of the day.

Brie Tucker: Yeah, it was funny cuz like you gave her, you gave her a compliment on that and she’s like, I’ve, I’ve seen your guys’s podcast and so I felt like I had to bring it cuz you guys always bring the lip game and I’m like,

JoAnn Crohn: it’s the best thing and I think one of our, I don’t know if she’s actually been a guest. No, she’s been a guest. Erika Cartlidge. Have we had her on a guest on a podcast? Okay. Cause she’s been a frequent Summit presenter and she’s presenting for our No Guilt Mom Retreat as well. She’s one of our pre sessions.

and we’ll have a link for those tickets in the, in the show notes right here, but Oh my goodness, she said. She’s you know what? Whenever you don’t have time to get ready, all you need is to draw people’s eyes where you want them to go. And by wearing a red lipstick, you’re drawing people’s eyes right there and you don’t need anything else. So I’m like, yes. So props to Erika Cartlidge for that

Brie Tucker: think about that. That

JoAnn Crohn: Yeah. It’s a good way to look put together without doing much.

Brie Tucker: It just works for me because I’m so pale.

JoAnn Crohn: Okay.

Brie Tucker: It gives you good contrast. I

JoAnn Crohn: Good 

Brie Tucker: wear the light colors that people can wear because Brie has very little pigment.

JoAnn Crohn: well, we, we want to first start off this episode by thanking you all, because you listened in the no goat mom podcast. You you’ve made us the top 100 parenting podcasts and we cannot thank you enough.

Brie Tucker: That’s the background music for it.

JoAnn Crohn: Yeah.

Brie Tucker: That’s the horns. Top

JoAnn Crohn: doing the trumpets. That’s trumpets. Got it.

Brie Tucker: Top 100.

JoAnn Crohn: I could not identify the musical instrument you were

Brie Tucker: You know, what can I say? I have so many. I have so many.

JoAnn Crohn: You’re so talented. You’re so, you have so much musical diversity that you could imitate. Exactly. But thank you all so, so much and, we produced this podcast so that women everywhere know that they are not just there to serve their families. You are there to have a happy life and actually by going after the things that you want, by making yourself happy, by prioritizing yourself.

That is how you be the best mom for your kids. So if you’re thinking of putting yourself on the back burner today, just remember that. And please, if we could ask you, just share the no guilt mom podcast with a friend, share it with your hairstylist, share it with the woman checking you out at the supermarket to share it with everybody, 

Brie Tucker: it with your best friend that you, haven’t talked to since college. Who’s a mom now. Talking to you, Jessica. You know it. You 

JoAnn Crohn: You know, the more that we can get this message out, the more women we affect. And I believe that this is completely world changing. So thank you. Thank you again. which brings us to our guests today. We hear so often in our balance community from you listening that decluttering is hard. Like decluttering is usually one of the goals we hear about the most because let’s face it. It’s not fun. Decluttering, not a fun use of time.

Brie Tucker: you you want to be there. Yeah, you want to be at the end but getting there is a rough path It

JoAnn Crohn: is a, it is, it’s totally rough. So today we have a 15 minute solution for you that our guest Deanna Yates, who’s the founder of wannabe clutter free, and she’s the host of the wannabe clutter free podcast and the creator of the chaos to calm summit series. She helps families ditch the clutter, weighing them down so they can stop spending all of their time managing their home and more time enjoying it with the people who live there. you are going to so enjoy this episode because you’re going to get some actionable tips that you can take right away. So without any further ado, let us welcome our guest Deanna Yates. 

It’s so casual and we just get to chat, but like.

Brie Tucker: so, yeah, so the makeup game started from dance competition from our second grade daughters.

JoAnn Crohn: Like a great daughters. And like I was saying, I learned all of my makeup from dance makeup because they make you watch these YouTube tutorials and they have specific things that you’re supposed to buy. Like the place that my daughter went to dance after a breeze daughter stepped out of dance, this place was like, you went to the Mac counter and you had your list of stuff you had to got, cause there were team colors that you had to get and like Ruby woo, Ruby woo lipstick with Ruby woo lip liner with bronzer with a sparkly eyes. eyeshadow I steal now, which is

Brie Tucker: don’t even own Mac. Oh my god.

JoAnn Crohn: No, it was all Mac colors and, or Morphe. That’s how I got into Morphe too, because you know, the quality of the makeup, like actually makes a difference. Like it does, it makes a difference. I was always like, no drugstore makeup, but then you put this stuff on and you’re like, what, oh my gosh, the colors there, what, like it doesn’t rub off. It’s amazing.

Deanna Yates: Ugh, I need to go back. I was so much nicer to myself when I was 16 and in cheer and bought all Mac makeup for myself, right? You know? I mean, come on! And now I am, yeah, I’m still at CVS. Ha

JoAnn Crohn: Well, it looks gorgeous.

Brie Tucker: That’s the story of us as moms. It’s well, yeah, I’ll, I would go and buy the Mac for my daughter. Okay, so as a matter of fact, stuff coming up, okay, I’ll go, go. Pay for you to get your makeup done, but would I ever pay to get my makeup done? No! I’m like, ah, YouTube tutorials are good enough for me, even though, or wait, wait, what was that one makeup, JoAnn, that you, you got some makeup and we had to do like a color match, and the color didn’t match you, so you gave it to me. And then I tried, I forget the

JoAnn Crohn: online I was

Brie Tucker: Yeah, it’s, it’s still pretty big. It pops up on my stuff all the time. Like, uh, Ellen McGrudge or something like that. I don’t know. But, and I can never get the color to match. So I 

JoAnn Crohn: is something we need to change like I think both of you need a action step

Deanna Yates: Okay,

JoAnn Crohn: Because as you see I took out my lipstick to put on right before this and look at what it is It is mac. It is mac lipstick only the best for you only the best

Brie Tucker: thing is though, it can’t be rubbed. I like when you’re wearing red, it can’t rub off. And like

JoAnn Crohn: I do have that issue

Brie Tucker: and that’s, and that’s because, and trust me, I have searched. There are very few brands that have non smudge red lipstick. It’s almost like they just want you to kiss everything and leave like your trail of red. So

JoAnn Crohn: it’s true. It’s true. So like in in getting all of this Extra makeup Deanna and talking about clutter Here I am being like get the best. No, I think it really does have to do with cluttering because like

Deanna Yates: totally.

JoAnn Crohn: I was listening, to your podcast this morning about like decision fatigue and decluttering.

And I know it’s something that like so many women struggle with, especially when we’re talking here about the, you know, wanting to buy the cheap stuff for us and wanting to buy like the expensive stuff for our kids. Like I’m interested Deanna, like what are your thoughts on that when you’re like talking about minimalism and no clutter. And yet having good things, do you go for quality over quantity?

Deanna Yates: I definitely try. It is, yes, I mean, it’s always one of those things that I aspire to do, right? So I definitely will try to do that. And I like to try to find things that I like. So it doesn’t necessarily, to me, if I like something that is an off brand, I’m okay with that, as long as it’s something that I do truly like.

if, if it’s the, you know, the best brand and it is what I like, then fantastic. But like my mascara, I just buy the L’Oreal mascara. I read somewhere that it is the same, it’s like almost the same formula as a super expensive one. I’m terrible with brand names. Anyway, but I’ve read somewhere that it’s very similar.

And so I’m just like, why would I pay the 40 markup on something that is somewhat similar just for the name or maybe a cooler, case to bring it out of. Sometimes it’s worth it. If you’re like, Oh, sometimes it totally is. Like if you’re like, okay, no, but this just gives me that little and like makes you feel better.

That’s totally, yeah. Hands down. Go for it. but yeah, definitely quality over quantity and just keeping the, the number of things you need. Right. So my makeup bag is very small. I have my foundation. I have my eyeshadow little palette. I have some, cream blush and lipstick. I mean, and the mascara. I never, if I only put one thing on it to mascara, that is for me. but I definitely, I didn’t even know we were getting into makeup. I am not the person to follow. If you want makeup tips, just anybody listening,

JoAnn Crohn: podcast

Deanna Yates: not the person.

JoAnn Crohn: all the time. Yes.

Brie Tucker: it’s a squirrel. It’s a, it’s, trust me. Yeah. Neither of us are giving out makeup tips anytime

JoAnn Crohn: No, we’re not.

Deanna Yates: Well, I have an open book, so we, this will be fun. We can get into whatever you want to talk about, but I did want to put that out there. Go follow someone else for makeup advice. But, if you want, like, hey, you don’t have to have it all. You can buy the few things you want. then great. And honestly, you’re right.

I should upgrade those five things I just mentioned, because that’s not going to cost me that much for those five things. I luckily haven’t gotten into the crazy dance world. Our daughter does musicals, but they’re only through school. So it’s just wear the makeup, but we don’t tell you what brand or what color. so she’s still wearing drugstore makeup too. So, Oh

JoAnn Crohn: dance world like we are not in it anymore, but I have stories.oh my gosh They used to get in trouble if they had any wispies And so now it’s like wispies is a bad word because wispies are you know, those things

Brie Tucker: bring up

Deanna Yates: the little baby hair.

Brie Tucker: You’re like, dear God, no, not the wispies. No.

JoAnn Crohn: with the wispies. Absolutely. But so, so many people, have trouble with clutter. And as I was listening to your episode this morning, it was about decision fatigue, the one I was listening to. And I was reminded of all of those news articles that like you’ve seen in the press about, I just remember Obama being an example.

There was an article about him saying how he had the same suit he wore every single day and it eliminated. The need to make decisions and to, use that part of their brain,so, so that they can make better decisions on I mean, he was the world leader, a world leader, so he can make world leader decisions. And I think this has so much to do with moms as well, because we too are suffering under the decision

Brie Tucker: much. Okay, wait, I have to share with this because this just happened to me last night. just last night, we, my daughter started, she has a job that’s in downtown Gilbert. So it’s this little area, lots of restaurants, whatever. And I said to my husband, we don’t have any kids tonight, we should go out to eat.

And he goes, Oh yeah, I got a plan. And I’m like, great. This is two hours beforehand. We get downtown, we park, drop her off at work. And I turned to him and go like, where are we going? And he goes, well, we’ve got choices. And I went, whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m going to stop you right there. You said you had a plan. Brie’s decision making is done for the day. So whatever it is, you figure it out here in the next five seconds as we walk out of this parking garage. She’s got it. But right?

JoAnn Crohn: It’s a big thing. It’s a

Brie Tucker: the idea of one more choice, I was like, oh heck no, I’m done.

Deanna Yates: Yeah.

JoAnn Crohn: clutter, Deanna, like so many women like go home and I swear, I hear the goal all the time. I’m going to declutter. I’m going to declutter. I’m going to declutter. And it never ever happened. So what I really want to focus on with you is like those steps that people can take to start decluttering.

Even if they’ve said they would declutter for the past like 30 days and haven’t done it yet. So like thinking about how to get this started. So what do you recommend doing first when you’re talking about getting your clutter under control?

Deanna Yates: First and foremost, understand that it’s not going to happen overnight. I think we all make these goals all the time, whether it’s to declutter, lose weight, you know, make friends, better our relationships, whatever. and we just automatically go from, I’ve never done this thing, or I haven’t done this in a very long time to, I’m going to be perfect at it.

JoAnn Crohn: huh. Oh my gosh. So all or nothing for

Deanna Yates: or nothing. So, first, let’s ditch that. just stop right now and just say Hoo, okay, small changes. Small changes are going to make a difference. And if you do them consistently and consistently doesn’t have to mean every day, right? I think that also can derail people. They think if I start this thing and I mess up one day, I forget it, throw in the towel. This is it. I don’t, I’m done. I failed. I’m never going to be able to, I’m just, gosh, what a failure, right? And you just start talking so meanly to yourself. 

JoAnn Crohn: Yeah. I think you’re speaking to so many people in our audience right now. Yes.

Deanna Yates: so you just need to say okay, well, you know, I messed up today or say like I’m gonna give myself two passes this week, right? I’m gonna try to declutter for five minutes a day and if I have a day where I’m just like Oh, I just can’t do it, or I’ve already done too much, or something happens, your kid gets sick, they end up, you know, they need to go to the ER because they break a finger or whatever, right?

you never know. As moms, we just never know what’s gonna come our way. Anything can happen. So I think if you give yourself, two passes, like, I have two passes a week, and if I have to use them, great. And if I don’t, well, fantastic. Bonus for me, maybe I reward myself with Some MAC lipstick, or, you know, a coffee with a friend, or whatever it is that you are looking for that really would make you feel great about yourself. So,

JoAnn Crohn: So, ditch the all or nothing,

Deanna Yates: Ditch all or nothing.

JoAnn Crohn: and give those two passes to yourself. I think that those are great, great suggestions, and I cannot wait to hear more of your

Deanna Yates: Yeah.

JoAnn Crohn: right after this. So Deanna you told us, you know ditching the all or nothing mentality giving yourself some passes like what else when we’re just Struggling to start this decluttering process

Deanna Yates: Alright, let’s get into the actual decluttering, right? Because those two things I just told you were more like, mental, Okay, this is great, but this isn’t actually helping me, right? I’m not actually seeing anything happen here. So, let’s pick One place to start. Now, people will tell you all sorts of different places to start.

Some people tell you to start in your bathroom because you’re getting ready in there every day. Some people will tell you to start in your entryway. Some people will tell you to start in your bedroom. It’s personal. Like you have to decide where you want to start. And my favorite place to tell you is where are you the most frustrated?let’s just start to get that off your plate, right? Let’s start to make your life better. Cause I think a lot of people think declutter and they go, Oh, Let’s start in the garage.

JoAnn Crohn: yeah, because it’s usually the most decluttered place in the entire house is where you stick everything when you have no idea where to put it.

Deanna Yates: right, so tell me, how is that going to help you tomorrow morning when you’re trying to get out the door?

JoAnn Crohn: It’s true. It’s

Brie Tucker: garage no less than three times this year. And it still keeps getting messed up! Sorry, Brie. Sorry, like little gremlins! I go to bed and the next day I’m like, where did these five potted plants come And you guys know where.

JoAnn Crohn: Miguel, Miguel.

Brie Tucker: But yes, you’re right, garage just seems like it’s a recipe for disaster.

Deanna Yates: well,

JoAnn Crohn: gosh, when I think about my house, I’m like, Oh, it’s this office. if you could see around, I just have stacks places. just because I’m like, Oh, my desk is clean, but look, there’s a stack over here where everything went.

Deanna Yates: Yeah. And that’s it’s okay. Like we all have our coping mechanisms and I don’t want us to get down on ourselves and I don’t want to feel want you to feel bad if you’ve done your garage and I don’t want you to feel bad about your stacks. But what is going to help you tomorrow? if getting out of the house in the morning with your kids is a struggle, what’s one thing you can do?

Maybe it is Talking about decision fatigue, and this isn’t even clutter, right? But just saying okay, here are the three things that we can make for lunch consistently that are easy and I don’t have to think about it and they’re just my go tos. We actually kind of, yeah, we have three, I guess, in our house, that we go to. And now, are they the most nutritious? No, but does she get some veggies and some fruit? Yes. 

JoAnn Crohn: Which is what matters. It is what matters. You do not have to make things homemade. Nothing

Brie Tucker: we have a whole nother episode about that rant.

JoAnn Crohn: Whole thing. Whole thing. Yes.

Deanna Yates: right. We’ll link to that one for sure. But yeah, it’s just, it’s one of those things where it’s like, how can this be easy? Right. We have one lunchbox. So talking about clutter and quality, like I only have one child, so we’ll just go ahead and put that out there. I guess the running joke is like we even minimalized ourselves and how many kids we had.but. We only have one lunchbox. She has one. we wash that one. I don’t want to have five that I have to deal with, with the missing things and the things are broken or whatever. If it breaks, we replace it. So that helps cut down on clutter. It also is hey, you gotta remember to get that out of your back pocket.

your backpack because if you don’t, you’re not going, you’re not going to have lunch tomorrow. You’re going to have to eat the crappy lunch at school that you don’t like because your lunchbox isn’t clean. So it helps teach her responsibility on that end too. So that’s a way to kind of start cutting down on that clutter.

 My favorite though, let’s just talk about how to actually declutter the stuff. Set your timer for 15 minutes. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, right? I think that’s another thing we think oh, it’s gonna take all day. Pick one tiny area. So maybe it is a drawer in the kitchen. Maybe it’s your entryway, like where you put your shoes and your stuff when you come in.

Set your timer for 15 minutes, put on some good music, and you need three things. You need a trash bag, you need a donation box, and you need a bin to put things that go elsewhere in your house.

JoAnn Crohn: Mm

Deanna Yates: it.

JoAnn Crohn: I like that bin idea because that’s usually where I get hung up on because you take that 15 minutes and you’re like Oh this belongs in my bedroom and you like run it to your bedroom And then you don’t see very much progress in 15 minutes because you’re running everywhere

Deanna Yates: It’s great if you get interrupted, like the way you’re doing it, it’s fantastic if you get interrupted, like something happens and you can’t finish your 15 minutes, but even with the bin, you’ve already got it in a place that you can just pick it up and you can put it off to the side if your kids interrupt you, if you have little kids, right?

or if you need to take care of something else, but it is so nice because then at the end of the 15 minutes, you just take that and you go around your house and you can put all the stuff away. Take a box, like everyone has an Amazon box in their house right now, grab your Amazon box, put the donation stuff in there, and then in 15 minutes you put it in your car. You get it out of the space. That’s another thing people struggle with is the stuff shifting.

Brie Tucker: Yeah, it sits. That’s that’s it’s like it’s like a Musical chairs in my house of where the boxes of crap go Oh, I’m gonna put it in my office in this corner for a little while Then it’s gonna go in the kitchen for a little while now It’s gonna go in the living room for a little while.

JoAnn Crohn: As I look around my office and I’m like that’s what’s happening 

Brie Tucker: that’s what happens to 

JoAnn Crohn: in this place right now

Brie Tucker: I move it, I move it out of the line of sight for a little while, and then, and then I get mad at myself for not having just done the taking it to wherever it was that it needed to go.

JoAnn Crohn: Yeah, I think that’s a killer tip. put it in the car right away so that you’re driving by Goodwill. You can just drop by. Now I want to do something because I know a lot of people think this way. I live with somebody who thinks this way. who sees like a project and they’re like, well, I know. When I start the project, I’m going to want to like finish the project to completion. Like it has to be done. So I don’t want to start something and only spend 15 minutes on it, not to have it finished. what do you say about people who have that sort of pushback against this?

Deanna Yates: That’s why you start super small. So I didn’t say do your whole kitchen. I did one drawer in your kitchen. So as you start to make the area you’re decluttering smaller and smaller, you are able to finish that project, right? Maybe it’s your utility drawer. I don’t use junk drawer because that encourages people to leave junk in there.

So it’s your utility drawer, right? The stuff in there is useful. Don’t put the things that you’re like, Later you’re decluttering and you’re just like, why did I keep this? Right? Just let it go in the first place. and then a little bit of tough love for people. I know a lot of people get hung up on throwing things away in the landfill and all that kind of stuff.

Once it comes into your house, its eventuality is going to be that it ends up in the landfill, right? Eventually it all turns into garbage. So obviously let’s be responsible. Let’s recycle when we can. Let’s donate when we can. I love my local Buy Nothing group because sometimes something’s not quite ready to donate or like it’s not good enough to donate.

Like I don’t feel like wherever I, the charity shop I give it to would really want this thing or be able to sell it. But someone on buy nothing group can figure out how to make it work again. I had a coffee maker I gave away that didn’t, wasn’t working for me and whatever I did, I just could not get it to work.

But I put it on my buy nothing group with the full disclosure that I can’t get it to work, but maybe you can. Some woman came, she’s like, Oh, I’ve got a son that loves to take things apart and make them work. So she came and picked it up and reported back to me. Yeah, he got it working and we love it and blah, blah, blah.

JoAnn Crohn: I love the idea of a buy 

Brie Tucker: I forgot about those. 

JoAnn Crohn: I’m gonna search for those in my area. Do you know if there’s any in Phoenix, Brie?

Brie Tucker: Yeah. Yeah. I’m in a few. I’ll invite you to a few of them. Yeah, they’re, they’re mainly, well, most of my Buy Nothing groups are like mainly for like parents type stuff. So like I might have to expand my search, but I think I have a few still. So yes, I will invite you to them on my Facebook.

Deanna Yates: Yeah,

JoAnn Crohn: it to the charity. Because it’s not good quality. And I feel bad throwing it away. So it’s we just feel bad. I guess maybe we need to work on that one.

Deanna Yates: yeah, speaking of no guilt,

Brie Tucker: Yeah, it comes back to that mentality you were talking about. it’s just the whole, like, if I can’t do it right, then what am 

JoAnn Crohn: I won’t do it at all. Yeah. And I think that’s a mentality that so many people struggle with when it comes to cluttering. So I’m interested to hear the other tips you have for people, right after this, Deanna. 

So, welcome back. And, Deanna, ending out this episode, I really want people to come away from this feeling like they can tackle this decluttering situation in their own homes. We’ve talked already about making it small, giving yourself a free pass if you don’t do it perfectly, making, the time commitment very small as well. What else do you want to leave people with when they’re doing this decluttering process?

Deanna Yates: Make it part of a habit, right? And make it fun. Like, just kind of make it second nature. That’s one of the things that has really helped us. Especially, I talked about this on that Decision Fatigue episode, of if it’s already the expectation, it’s just so much easier for it to get done. Right? if you just expect that when A happens, B is gonna happen.

So, we have a very set bedtime, you know, routine. Our daughter’s ten and she still has a very set bedtime, you know, that she has to follow because We’re all happier when she gets sleep and when we get some time, right? So, it’s when the clock strikes this, you get ready for bed, kind of a thing. And of course, there’s ebbs and flows and slight variations.

But, for the most part, 95 percent of the time, that is how it works. So, same with decluttering. we do a 5 minute tidy up every night. So, if I’m not having to do a 15 minute declutter, Every night between dinner and the show we watch or game we play, we take five minutes as a family and we clean up together.

So my husband will generally do the dishes, I generally do the cooking, and then my daughter and I race around to clean up around the house. And this is where these bins come into play too, right? You take the laundry basket and throw everything you can in it and then go race and put it away. And what happens is, I know that’s not quite like decluttering, but cleaning up your house is So nice, like it’s nice to have that clean space.

And as you start to do that, you will start to find Oh, I keep putting this same thing away every night. And I struggle to put it away on the shelf because there’s all this other stuff on this shelf that is, I’m never putting that away. That never comes off the shelf. So maybe. I should get rid of that stuff so that it’s easier for this stuff to go back on the shelf.

Like, all these little mindsets will start to happen. So you want to make it easy, make it a habit, do something that you’re doing consistently, and it’s just part of your routine. We all brush our teeth. So just make this another little habit that you do and then make it fun, right? Nobody actually wants to declutter.

Even someone that like claims to be a professional declutterer. Nobody really likes that messy middle part. Nobody likes to be faced with those really hard decisions of like, why did I buy this thing? Okay. You know, and having that moment of like, I don’t feel so great. Or you’re decluttering clothes that don’t fit anymore.

And that doesn’t feel so great. Or different things in your past that come up and. Just sometimes it’s hard. So try to make it fun, especially with your kids. So if you’re decluttering towels, make it a, you know, game to see who can actually throw the towels into the declutter bin, right? Like just have things that are fun.

Put on some good music, you know, laugh about the things. If you find clothes that are funny, model them for your family and be like, Hey, look at this thing I used to have. You know, just have a good time with it because. It’s kind of boring and you’re not gonna get anybody on your team if you’re like, It’s time to

JoAnn Crohn: time to go clutter. Let’s go. Let’s bring them the 

Brie Tucker: on, it’s spring. Like I’ve so many of us I think still have trauma from the phrase spring cleaning, right? Let’s do a deep spring clean. 

JoAnn Crohn: no we’re all sick. Yeah. I love the music idea. I, we use the music idea over here and it, it always peps us up. Deanna, this has been wonderful. You’ve given such actionable tips. I mean, I think the office is getting tackled right after this. you have, you have a podcast to tell us about that and where people can find you there.

Deanna Yates: Yeah, so the podcast is called Wannabe Clutterfree. Um, it’s all about this kind of stuff. I’m a very actionable kind of girl. and I have lots of guests on the show as well sharing their tips. And just experience with either minimalism or living with less. We do a lot with, you know, all sorts of decluttering different areas in your home. So I would absolutely love for people to come over and join me over there. And then if they want, I’m at wannabe clutter free on all the social channels. You can’t miss me.

JoAnn Crohn: Awesome. Well, thank you so much for joining us and we’ll talk to you soon.

Deanna Yates: Yeah. Sounds great. Bye.

Brie Tucker: So I had an epiphany in that episode. Deanna’s talking about at the end, like about how, you’re cleaning up and you find this, like, I dunno, we’ll say a blanket. You find this blanket and you keep not putting away the blanket. And you ask yourself, why am I not putting away the blanket? Well, because it goes back next to the shelf and the shelf.

It’s always cluttered because nothing comes off of the shelf because it’s full of random crap I don’t need. And I am like, if, if anybody watches the video, you can see the moment where the light bulb goes off of my head and I go, what? I have that shelf. I know exactly what shelf that is. It is in my dining room.

And you know, what’s even worse, JoAnn? The shelf doesn’t even match the house. Like it came from my, it came from my, my ex in laws gave me that shelf years ago. It doesn’t match anything in my house. And it’s there

JoAnn Crohn: shelf just needs to go. Your ex

Brie Tucker: I don’t use. Well, they were very nice. Very sweet. It’s a nice shelf. It was, I didn’t have anything else. So I kept the shelf, but now it’s like this eyesore about clutter because it does nothing but collect dust because it has nothing but knickknacks on it that nobody cares about anymore. It was a, I don’t know where else to put it, so I’m going to stick it over there.

JoAnn Crohn: Yeah, you have the shelf she was talking about, for sure.

Brie Tucker: god, yes I do, and need to go through and just let myself have that permission that I don’t need to hang on to it. 

JoAnn Crohn: I have a windowsill that is doing that same, duty. I need to clean that thing off. You know what is on my windowsill that’s driving me crazy? I bought this murder mystery series, and I can’t remember, I was really oh, Hunt a Killer. To Hunt a Killer. And it was a box set. So it was like five things. It was class of 98 and they’re having a reunion and somebody died and you have to figure out who killed them and why. And so it’s

Brie Tucker: party thing? Is that what that is? it’s like a game you play with a bunch of people? Oh,

JoAnn Crohn: you can play by yourself or with people. I mean, honestly, what attracted me to it is somebody like spread out all of the items spread out around them, drinking a glass of wine. And I’m like, that looks fun.

Brie Tucker: Ah!

JoAnn Crohn: So I’ve gone through four. No, I’ve gone through five out of the six boxes and there’s one box left. I’m going to find the killer. and. Then I can get rid of it. But have I done it yet? No, it needs to get off my shelf so that I can clean it off. 

Brie Tucker: to go on your calendar. You need to put

JoAnn Crohn: go on my calendar,

Brie Tucker: that it’s gonna happen.

JoAnn Crohn: put it on my calendar with a nice glass of red wine. That sounds like a good night. Yeah, that’s great. I,

Brie Tucker: a date with yourself to do that.

JoAnn Crohn: I, I do take that time. I, sometimes I put it out in front of me and my kids are like, mom, that’s boring. I’m like, well, okay. And then they leave.

Brie Tucker: And then you’re like, and yet you’re gonna go watch YouTube for three hours and watch another kid play a video game. And that is fun. I don’t, I don’t understand our youth. I don’t, I have turned into my parents. Like I am that insurance commercial where like the guys, you don’t have to turn into your parents.

Like when you buy a house kind of thing, like I have turned into that. Like, I’llI’m out walking my dog in my neighborhood. Someone comes zipping down the street and I’ll be like, slow down

JoAnn Crohn: Oh, you have. Oh, wait. Well, I do that all the time. Anyways, that pisses me off if people are going too fast around kids. I,

Brie Tucker: embraced that, that. older persona.

JoAnn Crohn: get the YouTube thing. I, I mean, they show me some stuff that I wouldn’t even know of. I mean, I was having a great conversation about Mr. Beast and everything. And people around me are like, what Mr.

Beast? I’m like, yeah, I actually, I watch the videos when my son watched the videos because I want to know what he’s doing. And I could go off on my Mr. Beast tangent right now. I think he’s a genius. I love Mr. Beast. He does so many things that are so good that everyone who is a creator can really learn from.

his videos are top notch. The way he uses storytelling, as well as, climaxes and dr Oh my gosh, he’s amazing. He’s amazing. Um, so I could go off on 

Brie Tucker: have to add a link. Am I gonna have to add a link

JoAnn Crohn: Mr. Beast is huge and he has his own candy company, Beastables, like he’s, he’s pretty amazing. So, but they, they’ve turned me on to all of that stuff and we do it to our kids too.

Last night we watched the Trevor Noah comedy special on Netflix with them and they didn’t get everything, thankfully, but they got a lot, especially my 15 year old and she really enjoys him. It’s funny though. You know, the reason she enjoys him. It’s because every comedian makes fun of Taylor Swift in some way, you know, whenever there’s a music show or anything, but Trevor Noah did it really nicely. And his was actually funny according to her. Yeah. So it was, and he was, I love Trevor Noah. He’s a wonderful comedian. 

Brie Tucker: Oh, that’s awesome. I do. I’m so sad that he left The Daily Show. Like I love that. I really I loved having him on there. But I also miss Jon 

JoAnn Crohn: real good.

Brie Tucker: Yeah,

JoAnn Crohn: Stewart’s on there now.

Brie Tucker: I know. That’s why I was like, Yeah, yeah. I’m like, I but I love Jon Stewart. So I’m glad that he came back. And at least as Monday is like, but again, again, I feel like I’m showing my age here. That people don’t know, Brie’s creeping up on the mid forties, like

JoAnn Crohn: all about familiarity. It’s

Brie Tucker: It is! I like things I’m familiar with for sure. So, so I am motivated to, to go through and do some, so I, I also was thinking while Deanna was talking about this whole thing. My room is my kitchen. Like I have, I don’t have a, you know, this, like my house, my kitchen is not huge, so I definitely think if I could cut it into sections, like she said, I’m just going to do the drawers, like just the drawers.

And then one day I will just do One pots and pan cabinet, and then another pots and pan cabinet. Because that’s where I get frustrated and where I feel like my kitchen is cluttered. That and the plants that are everywhere. I love you, Miguel. I love you. But dude, you’ve got to stop buying plants until we can figure this out.

JoAnn Crohn: He has a plants addiction. Well,

Brie Tucker: Everywhere.

JoAnn Crohn: well, we want to hear the decluttering action that you take as a result on this episode. can you go on Instagram? Just DM me. We are at, at no guilt mom. Just DM me. Say like, Hey, I decluttered my blank. That’s it. That’s all you need to do. cause we love hearing from you and we love hearing any ideas or any wins that you have, we might even shout you out on a future podcast,

Brie Tucker: we will shout you out. Yes,

JoAnn Crohn: like that kind of thing, you could say, don’t shout me out, JoAnn, and I will not do it. So

Brie Tucker: Or just

JoAnn Crohn: to hear from you.

Brie Tucker: Tell us what you did. Tell us, shout out. And you will be on our next podcast episode. And then you’ll figure out how, how we do our scheduling

JoAnn Crohn: but some people some people don’t like to say they want a shout out like I wouldn’t be one of those people I would be like, here’s what I did and I would desperately hope for a shout out But then like I wouldn’t ever ask for a shout out. Do you know what I mean? I would feel that was be like too presumptuous So

Brie Tucker: But we’re giving you permission to tell us if you want one, but I do hear you on the whole, but, but I wouldn’t, Oh, that would totally be my daughter. My daughter would be like, Oh my God, that’s so embarrassing.

JoAnn Crohn: Yeah. But then love it. She would, yeah. She’d love it if she did it. So, shout out to you, Audrey! You’re amazing!

Brie Tucker: Oh my God. I’m gonna have to make her listen to this episode. All right.

JoAnn Crohn: Okay. Until next time, remember, the best mom’s a happy mom. Take care of you. We’ll talk to you later.

Brie Tucker: And thanks for stopping by.

Brie Tucker

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Brie Tucker has over 20 years of experience coaching parents with a background in early childhood and special needs. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Central Missouri and is certified in Positive Discipline as well as a Happiest Baby Educator.

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