7 Time Management Tips from a Mom of Nine

As a mom, you feel there is NEVER enough time.

That’s normal.  Many times I’m torn between helping kids with schoolwork, reminding them to pickup and then there’s my job, working out, keeping up friendships and marriage…

It’s a lot!

Jennifer Roskamp is the founder of the Intentional Mom, the Thriving on a Dime Coaching Program, and also the mom to nine kids!  

Her whole mission is to help busy women and moms find strategies to make everyday life easier, and also find more time for what really matters to them. 

Here’s how:

She homeschools to have the BEST of her kids

Jennifer chose to homeschool as a way to get the BEST of her kids. 

When kids go away to school, they can often come home tired and just plain done. 

Since she schools at home, she gets to see the BEST of her children each day- while they have energy and are at their high point in learning.

Homeschooling isn’t for everybody. But Jennifer and her family make it work for them. 

You Don’t Have to Have All the Answers

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we look at our daily to-do list. 

Jennifer suggests approaching tasks one at a time. Just get through this one to-do item and don’t even worry about the next one until you get to it. 

Find Something That you Feel In Control Of

In these times, we as parents don’t have control over many things. 

 It’s okay. Find something you can be in control of- whether that be your daily schedule or activities outside of your work or school day. 

Finding that ONE item to control and plan for will help your mental well being.

Jennifer wakes up before her kids so that she has control over that time. She uses that time to plan and determine how to intentionally go about her day. 

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Focus Blocks

Give yourself permission to only wear one hat at a time and focus on tasks related to only that task at that time. 

Are you helping the kids with schoolwork? Focus on that. You don’t need to start worrying about dinner in 2 hours. 

It Doesn’t All Fall on Mom

Use your resources. 

Allow your children to take on tasks that they are capable of doing.

 If you plan your meals in advance you can ask your kids to help with tasks such as taking the food out of the fridge. 

Or even better, have you kids plan a few meals each week.

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Use Your Routines

Keep your regular routines as best you can! 

Those help you feel comfortable and in control/organized. They also give your kids comfort. 

Even if your kids are going to school from home, let them “pack” their lunch for the day. 

If they don’t have a scheduled online session, help your children by setting a clear “start” and “end” time to their school day. 

Have a distinct time where everyone unplugs and has a meal together. Those routines you had years before will help guide and calm everyone.

There is a Time for Clean and a Time for “Clean”.

Embrace the Messiness! Sometimes you need to zero in on what that one thing is that drive you nuts. Figure that one thing out (for Jennifer it’s sticky countertops) and just clean that. 

The house doesn’t have to always be in perfect condition. Sometimes it can just be “clean”. 

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The best mom is a happy mom.  To better take care of you, download our No Guilt Mom mindset here .   These reminders will help you second guess less, and feel more confidence every day in your parenting. 

JoAnn Crohn

CEO/Founder at No Guilt Mom
JoAnn Crohn, M. Ed is a parenting educator and life coach who helps moms feel confident in raising empowered, self-sufficient kid while pursuing their own goals & passions.

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