Balance Transformations

“Before Balance, I’d lost my joy for parenting…”

rachel Fisher

Prior to joining us in Balance, Rachel was stuck in an endless loop of parenting responsibilities that left her feeling miserable, with no creativity or capacity for fun. Once challenged to carve out 15 minutes of unicorn space for herself, Rachel realized that she needs to fill her own bucket in order to provide for her kids. As a result, she and her family are now thriving.

“Parenting success!”

Donna gibson

Donna’s been with us since the start of Balance and has come such a long way! A reformed control freak, Donna is now happily walking alongside her kids and letting them be kids, which has removed mountains of stress. She’s no longer yelling and her family’s working together as a team and creating moments of connection.

“The BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself – and my family”

Anne Spielberger

Before Balance, Anne was a yeller, unable to communicate effectively with her family, feeling
isolated and like her kids didn’t even like her.
Now Anne’s enjoying time with her family, an
improved relationship with her husband, and the genuine friendships she’s made in Balance.

“From rock bottom to empowered”

Mariekris Galvez

Burnout and mom guilt led Mariekris to quit her job to spend more time at home with her kids. But rather than making things better, she hit rock bottom. Enter Balance: Mariekris has found her village, realized she is not alone in her struggles, and is now empowered to take care of herself in order to better care for her family.

“So happy I cried”

Courtney wolter

As a stay-at-home mom of three littles, Courtney never felt she was able to get anything done. After winning a free month of Balance, Courtney dove in 100% attending calls and participating in challenges. She has since gained the confidence and motivation to prioritize her health – and credits her supportive Balance community for keeping her accountable.

“Goodbye loneliness, hello success!”

jAn white

Jan was feeling alone and lost, not sure how to transition from hands on parent to empty nester. Balance helped Jan find community and inspired her to set goals for herself and celebrate small victories. She’s now feeling successful in her relationships, her career, her physical health, AND her parenting – and can’t wait to accomplish even more with the support of Balance.

“Who I am is enough”

Candace Hoffman-Hussain

Through our weekly coaching calls and monthly challenges, Candace was helped to see the importance of rest, saying no, throwing in the towel on perfection, and most importantly, self-compassion.

“No longer overwhelmed”

Edith fiedler

Edith, one of our European moms, has transformed into a calmer and more patient parent. Balance has helped Edith realize there is always time for rest and self-care, and with her improved communication skills, the division of labor and overall tone in her home has improved. She is no longer weighed down by a constant sense of overwhelm.

“I now know I AM a good mom”

Amy johnston

Joining Balance has helped Amy transform from feeling lost, empty, overwhelmed and alone, to regaining her confidence, feeling supported, and becoming the best version of herself.

“I found so much more than I was looking for”

Kim bennett

When Kim first joined Balance, she was just looking for a book club – but she’s found so much more! Kim has made genuine and long lasting friendships that have helped her through the pandemic, parenting quandaries, and serious health challenges. Kim is proud to be an OG Balance member and brings so much positivity to our group.

“I was angry, resentful and burnt out”

eLizabeth hurst

Liz was a self-professed Hot Mess before joining Balance, taking care of her son and everything in her home all on her own. Liz knew she wanted to parent differently than her own parents but wasn’t sure how. Thanks to Balance, Liz is now the calmer, happier, more understanding, and supported parent she always wanted to be.

“Nothing was working”

rachel king

Last but certainly not least, Rachel brings us perhaps the most relatable video. Power struggles with her children were taking their toll on everyone. Rachel tried scolding, yelling, threatening, taking things away… but nothing worked until she found Balance. Through our Calm & Happy Parenting curriculum, Rachel discovered the power of reframing these instances with her kids, and now without punishing or yelling, is able to turn things around. Because of Balance, Rachel has noticed an improvement in her own mental health and is consistently taking time for herself each day!