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Build Your Own Snack Stadium

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Planning a party for the Big Game?  Here’s how to make a simple, yet impressive snack stadium.


Football.  Playoffs. So many opportunities to get together with friends and eat yummy, yummy food.  But I have a confession and I’m going to say it a tiny, quiet voice because I might get yelled at by some of my football loving friends.

I don’t know much about football.

I pretend.  I do. I really do.  I ask lots of questions.  I try to understand downs and turnovers and innings.

Wait, that’s not football, is it?

Ok, I partially jest. I am getting better each football season.  I can now tell why games went downhill or what mistakes players made on the field.  Mostly, I’ve learned this by the yelling that happens in my living room during games.

Even though I’m not always in it for the game, I love the food of football parties. Sweet candies, salty snacks, dips of every variety.. bring it on!

What’s better than displaying all of this in a creative way? I have the cutest and easiest setup for your very own snack stadium.

This stadium showcases 4 kinds of dips: 2 for the sweet snacks and 2 for the savory snacks.  The bleachers hold a variety of tasty snacks.  

Make the Football Field

I bought a small cake pan and divided it into three sections using the tops of cereal boxes.  Then, I used duct tape to secure each box top.  

Macaroni and Cheese just gets me in the football party mood.


I covered the box tops with aluminum foil to prepare it for dips.


Make the Bleachers

I wanted white and simple.  I bought 10 cardboard magazine files  and trimmed about 2 inches off the bottom of each. I then taped a piece of the discarded cardboard across the bottom of each file so that they would keep their shape.  I placed a strip of colorful duct tape at the front of each to designate sweet (Gummy bear tape) and savory (macaroni and cheese tape) snacks.

 I (and my wonderful friend Sue who helped with construction) placed these around the field in a circular formation.

Sue is a formal floral manager and gave me a really awesome tip for filling the bleachers.  Before we stacked in the food, we placed a crumpled plastic bag at the bottom of each magazine file.  Over that, we placed a paper towel for the food to lay on. This trick creates the illusion of the file being fuller than it actually is.  

The Food

The most important part!  I headed to Walmart to select my party supplies.  I found fresh produce, a few proteins, and some other goodies.   My necessities were SNICKERS® minis, Skittles®, TOSTITOS® Scoops, TOSTITOS® Medium Chunky Salsa and a 12 pack of Diet Pepsi™.


First the field:


This field consisted of a salted caramel dip in the endzone along with a fruit dip covered in kiwi “grass” for the sweet side.  On the savory side, TOSTITOS® Medium Chunky Salsa covered with a green pepper grass made a perfect dip.  A queso dip finished the endzone. I sprinkled Skittles® along the perimeter.

On the savory side, I stuffed the bleachers with TOSTITOS® Scoops and fresh veggies along with a few other snacks.


The sweet side held SNICKERS® Minis, fresh strawberries, apples and other goodies.


Cans of Diet Pepsi™ cars lined the parking lot “outside” the stadium. 


And there you have your perfect Big Game snack stadium that lets the food pop.  

snack-stadium-birds-eyeThink you’ll try a snack stadium this year?  Let me know!  You can find more ideas here

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