Easter Flower Snack Packs

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Easter-flower-snack-packsAs I sit outside, watching my son splash at his water table, I look out over my garden.

Everything is dead.

I have a brown thumb.  I’ve never been able to keep plants alive.  I either forget to water them for a few days, over water them, or just look at them the wrong way. 

I’ve always wanted a garden.  I love the colors.  I want to walk out to my backyard and pick a flower for the kitchen table.  I would love flowers on the table for Easter.  All these Martha Stewart dreams and yet I don’t have an ounce of gardening prowess in my body. While I can’t grow flowers, I’m pretty good at crafting them.  And what’s better than an edible craft?

While at Walmart last week, both kids dove for the SUPER snack pack pudding.  Llama couldn’t decide between chocolate and vanilla, so using her persuasive six-year-old powers, she convinced me to get both flavors. We also used this coupon for 50¢ off a 6-pack Super Snack Pack. When you go to Walmart, check your store for a special SUPER Snack Pack and Honey Maid Graham cracker display for Easter.  It will have a recipe tear pad and even more recipe mix-in ideas for Easter.  snack-packs-Walmart

For this Easter Super Snack Pack recipe, we also bought Honey Maid Chocolate Graham crackers to crumble up for the top layer of our Easter Flower Snack Pack, a package of fruit chews for the flowers, and some Oreos to mix-in. 

Super Snack Packs have an easy open lid which makes them even more convenient as an after-school indulgent treat.  The creamy chocolate flavor tasted delicious.  It was the perfect remedy for my chocolate craving sweet tooth.  My kids would have eaten an entire 6-pack if I let them.chocolate-snack-packMaking an Easter flower snack pack is easy and looks impressive when complete.  My daughter helped me create them. First, we crumbled up two Oreo cookies and mixed them in with the chocolate pudding.  

Oreo-snack-pack-mix-inThen, we crafted our flowers.  No green thumb needed for these! I based the construction of the flowers off similar flowers I made from duck tape.  I took four fruit chews and flattened them out into thin rectangles.  I simply squished them with my fingers.

fruit-chew-flatI then cut each rectangle in half diagonally forming two triangles out of each.

cut-fruit-chewsEach triangle is a petal of the flower.  We curled the bottom two corners of the triangle toward each other as if we were wrapping it around an invisible flower stem.

start-flowerWe then took another triangle and wrapped it around the first.  As we added each petal, we shifted its placement slightly so that the top points would be adjacent instead of right on top of one another.  This gives it the rose like appearance.  The one below uses three of the triangles.

add-petalsOnce we used all the triangles, we opened the petals slightly by pulling them away from the center and pushing down.

finish-flowerTo complete our garden, we crumbled up a couple of  Honey Maid Chocolate Graham Crackers and sprinkled them on top of our chocolate Super Snack Pack.  Finally, we laid our flower on top.

flower-snack-packAn Easter bouquet for our kitchen table!! One I can’t kill!  Just eat… which I have no problem with doing.  Neither do my kids. I barely had a chance to take pictures before they dug in. 


 How are you as a gardener?  Do you kill plants like I do?  Give my poll a quick click or leave me some gardening tips (or stories of gardening fails) below.

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  1. I tend to KILL just about all plants. I even killed a Cacti while teaching… I think I watered it too much! I love how delicious these Easter Flower Snack Packs look-and am thankful for your easy tutorial to follow!

    1. So happy I am not alone Krista! I’m currently trying, but the flower pots on the front porch are dying and the tomatoes I planted out back have yet to sprout.

  2. I don’t have a green thumb at all. Even the house plants that “can’t die” if you don’t REALLLLY care for them…yea they die!! I tried a garden once…never again!!

    1. There seems to be a trend among bloggers. We are all horrible gardeners. It’s ok. We can just create virtual gardens.

  3. I *adore* Roses and these turned out SO cute (and I bet they were *super* yummy!!!) Love them! #client

  4. These are so stinking cute…I can’t believe that flower is a smushed fruit chewy! You’ve made a beautiful garden 🙂 Thank you for linking up at #MeetUpMonday with thequinntessentialmommy.com (and me, but I missed it this week)!

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