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Everything You Need to Know About Periscope

Ever want to travel the world or interact live with your favorite people?  Periscope delivers!  If you have heard about this new social media platform and not known particularly how to begin or if it is worth it, I’ll discuss how to navigate Periscope, follow your favorite people and get started on your very first broadcast.Everything-about-Periscope

Periscope is a monumental new platform that allows you to view anywhere in the world live.  Yesterday, I watched an Uber protest taking place in Australia.  The day before I saw Shamu live at Sea World Orlando.

Let’s get you started on Periscope. 

First, make sure you download Periscope onto your phone.  It is free and requires approximately 12 MB of space.  Depending on the make of your phone, download either the Android version or iPhone version

Navigating Periscope

Sign up is super easy.  If you have a Twitter username you can use that to sign-in.  Otherwise, you can connect Periscope to your cell number.  

Periscope has three main screens.   The below screen shots are from an Android phone.

Home Screen



Map ScreenLive-Broadcasts

Users ScreenPeople-Periscope

Follow your Favorite People

To find a specific person to follow, simply tap the blue button in the lower right corner.  searc-Whimsiclejoann


Start Your First Broadcast

To start recording live, press the red button in the bottom right corner of either the home screen or map view.   Type in the title of your broadcast.Start-Broadcast-screen


You can choose to make your broadcast public for anyone to see or private for only your followers.  Once you press “start broadcast,” you are live for anyone to view.live-broadcast

During your broadcast, you’ll see who joins live as well as any of their comments.  Hearts will float up from the bottom corner when your viewers like something you say or show them.  

Once you end the broadcast, you get a screen of stats. Periscope-end-screen

Periscope only saves broadcasts for 24 hours.  If you want it saved longer, sign up for katch.me.  It’s free and will “catch” all of your periscope broadcasts and save them for anyone to see.

You can check out mine HERE.

Good luck in your Periscope adventures!!!


JoAnn Crohn

CEO/Founder at No Guilt Mom
JoAnn Crohn, M. Ed is a parenting educator and life coach who helps moms feel confident in raising empowered, self-sufficient kid while pursuing their own goals & passions.

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