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Podcast Episode 261: 1 Easy Habit To Get Kids To Open Up More

We’ve all been there…you try to talk to your kid and they answer with the dreaded “I don’t know” or they simply retreat into silence, their lips sealed tighter than a vault.

Ughhh! It’s so frustrating!

But before you resign yourself to the sound of crickets, consider this: sometimes, silence speaks volumes. Rather than pressuring your child to talk, you can create a safe space where they feel comfortable sharing at their own pace. Sometimes, the most meaningful conversations happen in the spaces between words.

In this podcast episode, we’ll share the 1 easy habit to get kids to open up to you more- by exploring the art of active listening, offer tips for communicating with your child when they seem closed off, and delve into the transformative power of truly hearing what your kids have to say.

In this episode of the No Guilt Mom podcast you’ll learn:

  • How to communicate with your child when it seems like something is up but they’re giving off the “I don’t want to talk vibes”
  • The importance of recognizing that when your kids share things with you, it can be intimidating or emotional for them
  • How to manage your own emotions when your children disclose or open up to you
  • That recognizing your child’s willingness to open up to you can strengthen your relationship and create opportunities for great conversation in the future

Resources We Shared In This Episode:

No Guilt Mom Podcast Episode 78: The Secret to Raising Capable Kids with Vicki Hoefle

No Guilt Mom Podcast Episode #147: Why You Need Healthy Anxiety vs. Unhealthy Anxiety with Lisa Damour, PhD

No Guilt Mom Podcast Episode #57: 3 Things You Must Stop Doing to Get Your Kids to Behave

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Brie Tucker

COO/ Podcast Producer at No Guilt Mom
Brie Tucker has over 20 years of experience coaching parents with a background in early childhood and special needs. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Central Missouri and is certified in Positive Discipline as well as a Happiest Baby Educator.

She’s a divorced mom to two teenagers.

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