Painted Spoons

For such a simple gift kids can make, this was amazingly fun.  Watching the babies play with the paint, coloring everything BUT the spoons was pure comedy.  The supplies are minimal but the fun is WORD HERE.  Gift the spoons to your favorite chef or chefess for any occasion.  painting-spoonsSupplies:

Wooden Spoons ($2.00 at Walmart)

Tape (we used painters but any will do)

Assorted Acrylic Paint and Brushes

Start by taping off the spoon in the ladle area…the exposed wood will be where you want to paint.


You will also want to put a paint smock on your kiddo.  Acrylic paint DOES NOT wash out of clothes.  We used garbage bags and cut holes for the head and arms.


Put a small amount of your paint on a plate and watch the fun happen!  Don’t be surprised if your kids color everything but the spoons.. but it’s all about the fun. 


Place your spoons outside to dry. In Arizona it took all of 3 minutes.  Remove the tape and you have beautifully painted spoons.  Garnish with a pretty ribbon or bow.  Package in a mason jar for some extra flair.

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