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Stylish Gifts for Crafty Kids

Thank you Cool Brands for sponsoring this post. Check out Knit’s Cool and Text Cool to create your fashion accessories!

Stuck on what to give the budding fashionista in your life?  Here are two gifts for crafty kids that promote creativity, craftiness and are super stylish as well.  Stylish-gifts-for-crafty-kids My six-year-old daughter is a born crafter.  Whenever she has free time, I can usually find her making cards and little trinkets to give to others.  Many mornings, I walk into my office and find my desk decorated like this:


  When I find my desk decorated like this in the morning, how could I not be happy?   A photo posted by JoAnn (@awhimsiclelife) on

 She loves giving presents to others.  That’s why I enjoying giving her gifts that indulge her craftiness. Not only does she get to be creative, but she has tons of gifts to give out as well.  Plus, these two products from Cool Brandsappeal to her growing sense of style.  

Text Cool™

Friendship bracelets used to be all the rage when I was younger.  I remember taping my string to the table and working for hours – knotting and twisting until finally I made a beautiful creation.  Text Cool™ takes friendship bracelets to a new level since it let’s kids put creative messages on their wrists for the world to see. Girl-Text-CoolWith Text Cool™, kids turn texts into a fashion statement. This toy allows your child to stamp out friend’s names, emoticons and more on brightly colored bracelets to share or wear herself.bracelet-stack

The kit comes with 35 bracelets of various colors.braceletsMy daughter simply fed the bracelet through the slot on the bracelet studio, lined up her letter and started stamping.  The studio features over 60 letters and emoticons to choose from.text-cool-bracelet-makerThe afternoon we got this, she created ten bracelets to give out at her Dance class that night.  She walked into the dance lobby and handed out a customized bracelet to each girl in her class.  Each bracelet bore that girl’s name and little emoticons. 

Text Cool is available at Target, Walmart, Amazon and Toys R’ Us.

Knit’s Cool™

I admit it.  I am not the best knitter.  I always get frustrated because of the large holes that appear in my scarves.  The Knit’s Cool™knitting studio immediately intrigued me since it promised to make learning to knit super easy. Knits-cool-supplies

This tool is genius.  Basically, It gives you an extra set of hands with knitting projects.  The toy comes with three knitting projects: an infinity scarf, a headband and a cell phone case.  All the yarn needed to complete the projects is included along with easy to follow pictorial instructions.  The directions can also be found online along with additional projects in the easy How-To Videosgauge-needles-knits-cool

For each project, the child places the designated thickness of needle in the stand, threads her yarn through the loop and starts knitting.knitting-on  My daughter created her infinity scarf in just an hour.  You can see that she’s wearing it in the picture above. It’s amazing to see a six-year-old who has never knitted before finish her first project so quickly!

This toy also encourages resilience and grit.  Yes, it makes knitting possible for the beginner, but knitting in itself is a process that requires concentration and patience.  My daughter struggled at the beginning.  She easily understood the knitting procedure and with my help (and my hubby’s), she was able to cast on and make stitches.  However along the way, she made a mistake.  She went from 7 stitches on her needle to 13 stitches.  

At first she cried and stomped from the room.  She told me she hated knitting and pouted about it in corner of her bedroom.  Mistakes are hard to deal with, I get that.  But after I left her alone in her room for a bit, she started her project over – with a little reluctance. Knitted-headband-Knits-CoolShe’s still working on her headband, but more importantly she didn’t give up. The accomplishment and confidence boost that came from overcoming that initial struggle was amazing.

These two toys have brought loads of fun and creativity to our house.  My daughter takes so much pride in both the bracelets and the knitting projects that she created herself.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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