Make Silly Putty out of Baby Powder!

How many fun silly putty activities did you do as a kid?  Have you ever made Baby Powder Silly Putty?

This activity is a science lesson and fun afternoon all in one!  Your kids will love it.  You will love it!

Let’s do this.

Fun silly putty activity that only needs two ingredients. I bet you didn't know you can make putty from baby powder!

You’ve done lava lamps and made your own marshmallow shooters.  Now, let’s bring on the silly putty.

This version won’t bounce or stretch, but it’s perfect to use as air dry clay.

This kid’s activity:

  • takes less than 10 minutes
  • is educational
  • and will make a new toy for cheap.

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Baby Powder Silly Putty Supplies

To make silly putty, you will need:

how to make silly putty

  • Baby powder
  • white glue (make sure it’s all purpose, but not school glue)
  • food coloring

Seriously, that’s it!  How insanely easy is this?

Baby Powder Silly Putty Instructions

First, pour 1/4 cup of glue into a small dish.silly putty instructions

Add food coloring until you and your kids are happy with the color.  Feel free to experiment with mixing colors as well.  This is a great way to show preschoolers how blue and yellow make green or red and yellow make orange.

fun things to do with silly putty

Add 1 cup of baby powder.  Don’t worry about measuring.  You just want a clay that’s not sticky.baby powder silly putty Stir until putty forms.  It will take a couple minutes of stirring to reach silly putty consistency.  If it’s still sticky after a few minutes, add a bit more baby powder.

Finally, take the putty out of the dish and knead it with your hands.  It will take a fair amount of kneading to make it a clay-like texture.

Done!  All ready for play time.make silly putty

Now that you have your own silly putty, time to find some more silly putty uses.   I guarantee these will keep your kids busy for at least an afternoon.

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