Podcast Episode 227: New Year, New Mindset: How Mental Strength Can Transform Your Life with Amy Morin, LCSW

As the clock strikes midnight, marking the beginning of a new year, many of us embark on a journey of self-reflection and resolutions. The promise of a fresh start invites us to consider not just our external goals, but also the state of our minds. For those of us balancing the demands of family, work, and personal growth, nurturing mental strength becomes a crucial pillar in achieving our aspirations.

As a fellow mom navigating the crazy dance of motherhood, career, and personal well-being, I understand the challenges of maintaining mental strength. The whirlwind of responsibilities, coupled with the uncertainties life throws at us, can take a toll on our emotional well-being. However, it’s in these moments that building mental resilience becomes a game-changer.

So, how do we cultivate a resilient mindset that empowers us to tackle whatever life tosses our way? It starts with acknowledging the power of mental strength in shaping our reality. Whether you’re striving to be a better mom, a supportive partner, or a successful professional, your mindset plays a pivotal role.

In this podcast episode, we speak with Amy Morin, a licensed clinical social worker, instructor at Northeastern University, psychotherapist, international bestselling author of the newest edition to her book series, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, and host of the Mentally Stronger podcast.

If you’re looking for a way to kick-start your goals and shifting your perspective, this is the episode for you. Let’s go!

In this episode of the No Guilt Mom podcast you’ll learn:

  • Amy’s personal journey and how mental strength has played an important role in where she is today
  • How to improve your mental strength in order to work toward your goals and function at your best potential, no matter what life throws at you
  • Strategies to help your children build their mental strength
  • The role mental strength plays in how we assess difficult situations and communicate with our partner (and the importance of being resilient!

Resources We Shared:

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13 Things Mentally Strong Couples Don’t Do by Amy Morin, LCSW

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Brie Tucker

COO/ Podcast Producer at No Guilt Mom
Brie Tucker has over 20 years of experience coaching parents with a background in early childhood and special needs. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Central Missouri and is certified in Positive Discipline as well as a Happiest Baby Educator.

She’s a divorced mom to two teenagers.

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