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I received free tickets to the LEGO®When I go to an event for kids, I expect a certain amount of chaos. Events like these tend to take a certain amount of stamina.   Excited hyper kids, no parking.. that sort of thing.  Thank goodness, I was completely wrong. LEGO® Kidsfest was one of the best kid’s events I have ever attended.  

Immediately after school let out, Megan and I packed up the kids in her Toyota Sienna and trekked across Phoenix rush hour to the University of Phoenix Stadium. 


Who’s excited for #legokidsfest ?!? On our way!

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Kids: Mom, are we there yet?

Mom: Soon.

(Five minutes later)

Kids: Mom, are we there yet?

Moms: Just a few more days.

Kids: What?!?

(Two minutes later)

Kids: Mom, are we there yet?

Mom: (still on freeway)  Yep, we’re here.  Can’t you see the LEGO models?  Why look, we’re on a LEGO freeway!!

Needless to say, when we did get there, this was the reaction.
Girl-shocked-LEGOkidsfestBuddy’s little steps raced to keep up with his big brother, Biggie, and Llama as they ran down the ramps to the stadium floor. Amazing is really the only way to describe to LEGO Kidsfest floor.Wild-style-LEGOkidsfest  


Batman #legokidsfest

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Megan immediately filled out a LOST Parents cards for Buddy.   Lost-Parents-LEGOkidsfestShe explained to me, “If I’m going to lose anyone, it’s probably going to be him.”  We found these cards near the entrance. Megan simply filled out her contact information on the back and stick it in Buddy’s pocket.  

Every LEGO brick variety is represented on the Kidsfest floor – each seperated into themed areas. First, we visited LEGO Friends.



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Where Llama also requested that I take a picture of her with every LEGO friend in the area.   This is one of six.



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We received a free bag of LEGO Friends bricks when we left this area!  What!?!  LEGO bricks for free!  Everything is awesome!

In the Disney Princess area, she got to hang with her BFF Cinderella.Cinderella-LEGOkidsfestAnd found tons of opportunities to build.


 After a quick dinner, we visited Creation Nation.  Circled around the massive city under construction were tables stacked with flat LEGO pallets and tons of bricks.  The kids quickly built a few creations. 


 Then brought it to a staff member…


 Who placed the creation on the floor.  


Sunday session visitors will get a huge treat when they see this “Nation” completely filled in.  I love knowing that every visitor had a part in creating it. 

We also put our LEGO art work on display in the LEGO art gallery.  Below is Llama’s and mine, side by side.  I was going for Mario.



The LEGO Challenge Zone challenged participants to complete a specific task in two minutes.LEGO-Challenge-LEGOkidsfest

Our goal was to make a phone.Build-phone-LEGOkidsfest

We then swam in the giant LEGO bricks pile.



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And visited some incredibly realistic models.  Darth-Maul-LEGOKidsfest Scary, yes?  

Our last stop of the night was the Spiderman photo booth.  As we waited in line, we suddenly glanced up to find that Buddy had jumped up to the front.  With a huge grin on his face, he stood in the window under Spiderman, arms extended in his best web throwing pose.  Thank goodness everyone at the event was so good natured.  Megan walked, laughing to grab Buddy and we waited for our turn.  Posing our kiddos for the actual picture was not an easy task.  The window opening was small and the kids kept changing positions before the KIDSFEST staff member could reach her camera.  I believe she took 6 pictures of our crew before getting a good one.  LEGO-Comics-KidsfestThe staff member was friendly and happy the entire time.  Even though we were holding up the line, I never felt rushed by her nor frustration on her part.  In fact, every staff member we met exuded this same attitude.

Since LEGO Kidsfest limits the number of tickets sold per session, our night was free of crowds.  We just got to sit back and have fun with our kids.  Well… maybe not sit back.  Let me rephrase that to have fun and chase around our excited kids.  But, that’s ok.  We made a lot of memories.


The cardinal stole her headband. He’s so fancy. #legokidsfest

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For more information on the event and see if the tour will be at a city in your area, head to the LEGO Kidsfest website.

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  1. Wow, that’s making my feet hurt just looking at all those legos but looks like a very fun event to take the kids to.

  2. LOVED the event! Your kids were much braver than mine… they wouldn’t dare bury themselves in LEGO Bricks-although they did help bury others. Priceless!

    1. My daughter loved the Disney Princess area and LEGO Friends. She also seemed to enjoy making a masterpiece for the LEGO art gallery. The event was amazing 🙂 If it comes near you, I highly recommend it!

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