Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium

Wildlife-World-Zoo-pinIf you have never visited the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium before, get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor.  I was amazed! AMAZED and astounded that we have an experience like this in the Phoenix area.  

For our trip to the zoo, my friend, Brie, and I decided to pack all of our kids into one car. We trekked across the valley to Litchfield Park in 8AM rush hour traffic. Not many cars were in the parking lot when we arrived so we skirted through the entrance line with ease.  Ten minutes later, I realized I had forgotten my cell phone in the car.  I left the kids with Brie and sprinted out to the parking lot.  The line was now twenty families deep. Not only that, but then two yellow school busses pulled up to the curb. 

Tip #1 Get to the zoo as soon as the gates open.

When I returned, we made a beeline straight to the aquarium portion of the park.  Among the highlights there were the shark tank:

baby-shark-tankThe piranhas, 

piranhas-wildlife-world-zoothe penguins, 

penguins-Wildlife-world-zooand believe it or not, the turtles.

Turtle-tank-wildlife-world-zooGlimpsing a turtle fully extended underwater fascinated me.  Before, I had only seen them cocooned in their shells.  

Near the end of the exhibit, we found a open air theatre for a sea lion show.

Sea-lion-Wildlife-zooA sea lion show!  In Arizona!  Who knew?  Spectacular!  Just like Sea World. Without Shamu.

Another huge draw to this zoo:  Rides!  The rides cost extra but the ones we paid for were well worth it.  Our kids’ favorite was the Log Ride ($6.00 a person).

log-ride-wildlife-world-zooWhich soaked them all.

after-log-ride-wildlife-world-zooI wanted to go on this one, but was sidelined with Dude.  No person under 30 inches is allowed to ride. 

There was also a sky ride ($4 a person):


This zoo is fantastic. A sky ride! No way!

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Which Dude did get to ride on.. and loved!  I loved it too.


Mama and Dude up in the air. #momlife

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It was a peaceful 15-minute journey that soared above many animal exhibits, including kangaroos.  Whatever you drop, becomes the animals’ new toy.  Make sure to secure all loose items including flip-flops.

You may have noticed that I’ve listed dollar prices next to all the rides which brings me to my second tip:

Tip #2 Bring Cash

And if you forget to bring cash, like I did, there is an ATM in the gift shop near the entrance.

The most stunning aspect of the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium was how every animal was so close.  We were face to face with flamingos.

kids-flamingos-wildlife-world-zooThe petting zoo let us pet deer, llamas and kids (of the goat variety)

boy-petting-baby-goat-Wildlife-World-ZooAnd then there were the giraffes…

Giraffes-eating-Wildlife-World-ZooLittle giraffe food vending machines are located on that platform.  Simply turn the dial, hold out your hand and feed a giraffe.

giraffe-fence-Wildlife-World-ZooWhich brings me to:

Tip #3 Carry quarters

Animal food vending machines are located all throughout the park.  It is truly a magical experience to have these beasts eating out of the palm of your hand.  Our kids were in awe.

Lunch was easy as well.  We chose the Safari Cafe at 11:30am to beat the rush.  We chowed down on corn dogs, burgers and chicken wraps while watching monkeys cavort near a waterfall.  


Best lunch view 🙂

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The park also has a restaurant on the aquarium side where you can eat Kansas City BBQ next to the shark tank.  

I can rave on and on about the Wildlife World Zoo.  We spent five hours there and I wholeheartedly recommend the trip to anyone.  I’ve only touched the activities available.  For full details, visit the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium Website

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