Riverview Park

March always means Spring Training to our family.  Here in Phoenix, we are lucky to host the Cactus League, which means we have a plethora of baseball games to choose from.  The Chicago Cubs just built a brand new facility in Mesa which also boasts an accompanying park, lake and “innovative playground.”  As we were leaving the rained out Cubs game this past Saturday, I suddenly exclaimed, “Look at that!”  And by “that”, I mean the above picture.

Innovative Playground indeed!  This climbing structure is enormous!  That small figure at the top is a 6 foot man!  Honestly, it looked like all the dads were having a blast on the thing.  Not many little kids dared to climb that high.  I was thankful my five-year-old daughter had no interest, because honestly, seeing her up there would have given me a heart attack.  However, climbing that is exactly what I would have done as a kid.  In fact, I want to go back and climb it!

The playground also has other very cool and much more sane climbing structures, such as this,Panorama

My daughter handled this one with ease.IMG_3716

My son wanted to.  He’s the one we are going to have to watch when he gets older.1656352_10102384965636601_444224126_n(1)

Riverview Park also has a standard playground, a splash pad and even a mini zip line.  It’s hard to believe that this a free, public park!


With tons of green grass, picnic tables and really clean public restrooms (for now), this park is a great place.  Be sure to check the CUBS home game spring training schedule if you plan to go in March.  Parking is impossible to find when there is a game scheduled for the day.

Riverview Park
2100 W. 8th Street
Mesa, AZ  85201

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