Indoor Hopscotch

We want to have fun with our kids!  However, when summer hits, so do the expenses.  Kids activities are pricy, but entertainment doesn’t need to be expensive.  During these Dollar Store Days of Summer, I’m sharing ten activities that use only supplies found at the Dollar Store.   They are quick.  They are easy.  And most require little adult guidance and help.  Just sit back and watch your kids play.  Or.. jump in and join the fun!


Phoenix had a massive heat wave last week where temperatures soared above 110 degrees.  While we usually use our pool to cool off, one dip in felt like lukewarm bathwater.  We headed indoors to have fun in air conditioning.  With only a few supplies from the dollar store, my daughter and I created an indoor playground.  She constructed a pretend slide using a chair and some pillows while I crafted an indoor, portable hopscotch board.


From Dollar Store:

  • Plastic Shower curtain or tablecloth
  • Duct tape
  • Sponges

How to Start

Due to the straight lines needed for a hopscotch board, I crafted this one on my own without help from my six-year-old daughter, Llama.  I had her help with little parts like spreading the shower curtain over the floor.  

From start to finish, this board took me 30 minutes to complete.  However, I did have to stop every few minutes to stop my two-year-old from sommersaulting off the couch or flying off the stairs.  That boy.  There’s a reason he broke his arm at 1.

To play, we chose the sponges from the dollar store as markers.  Llama played hopscotch a touch differently than I did.  I first tossed my sponge on the first square, hopped to it, picked it up and then went through the remaining squares sequentially.  If I missed my target, I lost my turn.

Llama threw her sponge, hoped it hit a square and went from there.  We played together each using our own versions.  While we differ on our hopscotch rules, we have one major trait in common.  We are both stubborn and stick to our guns.Girl picking sponge off of homemade hopscotch board.

Variations you can use for this are:

  • Instead of hopscotch, create a Tic-Tac-Toe board on the shower curtain.  Choose one color sponge for X and another color for O’s.  Take turns throwing sponges to get three in a row.
  • Create a Connect 4 board on the shower curtain.  Buy a lot more sponges and try to get 4 in a row.

Even if the weather makes it impossible to play outside, there are still a lot of entertainment options for indoors!  This indoor hopscotch board gets kids moving and creative.  

JoAnn Crohn

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