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Podcast Episode 233: How NOT to Raise an Entitled Kid: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Imagine a world where entitlement doesn’t overshadow gratitude, where kids grow up appreciating the value of hard work and responsibility. In this podcast episode, we delve into the art of parenting and explore what mistakes you might be making while trying to NOT raise entitled kids.

As a mom of two, I’ve had my fair share of parenting trials and triumphs. It’s easy to fall into the trap of overindulgence, thinking that showering our kids with everything they desire is an expression of love. However, through personal experiences, I’ve come to realize that this may inadvertently fuel entitled attitudes.

Join us as we get REAL and talk about the top entitlement-enabling parenting practices and how to banish entitlement from your home! We’ll take a look into the way our interactions and expectations for our kids can create a sense of entitlement OR help them learn healthy life skills that will help them be more successful and, quite frankly, make them more enjoyable to be around. The best part? These parenting tips involve your kids getting more involved at home and helping with day-to-day tasks that often fall to Mom. It’s a win-win! No matter where you are on your parenting journey this episode deserves a listen. Hit play and enjoy!

In this episode of the No Guilt Mom podcast you’ll learn:

  • The most common mistakes parents make and how it enables entitled behavior for kids
  • Why it’s so important for parents to model the behavior that they want their children to emulate
  • The role responsibility plays in a child’s development and how it helps them become resilient rather than entitled
  • How setting boundaries with your kids can help you both be happier and more successful

Resources We Shared In This Episode:

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Brie Tucker

COO/ Podcast Producer at No Guilt Mom
Brie Tucker has over 20 years of experience coaching parents with a background in early childhood and special needs. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Central Missouri and is certified in Positive Discipline as well as a Happiest Baby Educator.

She’s a divorced mom to two teenagers.

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