Cheesecake Yogurt Fruit Dip

cheesecake-fruit-dipI can’t get my kids to eat fruit anymore.  In fact, as I prepared this yogurt fruit dip, my one-year-old broke into the pantry cabinet, helped himself to a cracker and then gave one to my daughter as well.  At this point, my daughter screamed, “CRACKERS!!” and they both celebrated like they had just succeeded in a bank heist and were now enjoying their riches.

Convincing kids to eat healthy is insanely hard.  My thought is who can resist beautiful fruit?apples-strawberriesMy kids – who see the marshmallow stash in the cupboard behind me and refuse to have anything else.  Marshmallows actually inspired me to create this recipe.  Most parties I host, I love making a fruit dip that is simply cream cheese and marshmallow creme.  It’s unbelievable, but I can’t even pretend it’s healthy.  In fact, it pretty much negates the nutritional value of the fruit.

For this recipe, I removed the marshmallow creme and instead used a single serving yogurt like the one pictured below.yogurt-strawberriesI then tossed it in a blender along with a little bit of cream cheese, some cool whip and a splash of vanilla.  I spooned it into a little bowl and licked the spatula.  It tasted like cheesecake- however a much lower calorie version.  But still…cheesecake!!yogurt-fruit-dipI served it alongside some apples and strawberries for dipping. dip-fruitAfter I had a (cough) few (cough) dips, I let the kids devoured all of the fruit.  In fact, my daughter requested I slice up another apple so that she could dip some more!  My six-year-old wanted more fruit!  

Clearly, this cheesecake yogurt dip works miracles.  Tasty, tasty miracles.

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JoAnn Crohn

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