Stitch Fix #9

This Stitch Fix post is a little late because…

I sent a box back!  Gasp!

It’s true.  When I opened my Stitch Fix box in mid-November, I was underwhelmed.  The clothes were too similar to clothing I received from Stitch Fix before including one dress that was identical to the one I bought before, just in a different color.  It didn’t excite me.  I didn’t love it.  So, I emailed customer service and shared my concerns.  They graciously agreed to comp my styling fee ($20) and offered to send me out a new box immediately.  I agreed.

The clothes I received in my new box were unique and fun.  They even prompted a little dance party.  Let’s begin:

Kut From The Kloth Deanna Colored Skinny JeanDenna-Colored-Skinny-JeanBrown jeans..  I love them.  So different from the usual denim that populates my closet.  This look screams fall, and even though its winter, I loved these colors on me.  Kut from the Kloth is fast becoming one of my favorite brands as I now own many of their clothes.   I kept the pants ($78)

Tart Rikki Gathered Waist Printed DressTart-Rikki-dress-danceThis was a hard decision.  Overall, very flattering.Tart-Rikki-dress-sideThe pattern was vibrant.  I loved the keyhole near the top.  The issue here was price ($128).  I couldn’t justify spending that much on it.  It’s definitely not a dress I could wear every day or chase after my son while wearing. Perhaps if I was teaching right now, it would have made an excellent work dress paired with a blazer.  However, it doesn’t fit in my life right at present, so I sent it back.

Brixon Ivy Fallon Mixed Print Sleeveless Blouse
Kut From The Kloth Masie Faux Leather Panel Pencil Skirt

Blouse-pencil-skirtI felt very confident in this outfit.  The top had an interesting and unique print.Blouse-pencil-skirt-sillyI loved that the skirt had a faux leather panel while the rest of it was made of cloth.  This made the skirt very moveable and not at all constraining.  I believe it was the inspiration for my dance party.dance-partyI didn’t keep any of it.  Again, while fun, I have absolutely no place to wear it.  This would be another great work outfit paired with a light sweater.   But since I’m not working,I decided that it would be out of place in my day-to-day wear.  Someday, maybe 🙂

Octavia Mondo Colorblock Cross Stitch Infinity Scarf

infinity-scarfMy son joined my dance party for this scarf.  I loved this scarf!  It was soft and warm. infinity-scarf-closeI also loved the mixture of blue and brown in the colorblocking.  But, I had to say no.  I own a scarf in brown that is chunky like this one.  I felt they were too similar to each other.  So, I sent it back.

Overall, my Stitch Fix box was a ton of fun.  It’s good that I only kept one item, because I would honestly bankrupt myself in clothing if I bought the whole box every time.

If Stitch Fix looks like something you would like to try, please consider using my referral link.  I receive a $25 credit from each person who orders and receives a box.  This greatly helps me continue these posts and feed my Stitch Fix addiction.  You can find my other Stitch Fix posts by clicking the pictures in the left sidebar or view the archive.


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    1. They are a bit high, but I honestly don’t do any other clothes shopping than Stitch Fix because the items I choose to keep, I love and wear over and over again.

  1. Brown pants for the win! They look fabulous and so glad that Stitch Fix made it right after the last box- awesome and LOVED the dance party pics-priceless!

  2. Thank you so much for actually styling both yourself and the outfits on your reviews! You look great in everything! I see so many reviews with people saying they think the clothes are unflattering with pics of them with a sloppy pony and the clothes just thrown on. It drives me crazy! I want to reach through the screen and style them! Lol! It kinda defeats the purpose of the whole idea of stichfix to me. I guess you can’t buy style even if you can buy stylish clothes. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi, Jillian! I wish I could remember the exact price! Based on the price of the items I request, I would guess the leather skirt was around $50.

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