Sponge Cool Off Necklace

We want to have fun with our kids!  However, when summer hits, so do the expenses.  Kids activities are pricy, but entertainment doesn’t need to be expensive.  During these Dollar Store Days of Summer, I’m sharing ten activities that use only supplies found at the Dollar Store.   They are quick.  They are easy.  And most require little adult guidance and help.  Just sit back and watch your kids play.  Or.. jump in and join the fun!


Hot days… we have an tons of them in Arizona. The kind of heat where you fear venturing outside because you can bake cookies off the sidewalk. We spend a lot of time in the pool. running through sprinklers and trying to find creative ways to cool off.  This sponge necklace reminds me a of a beautiful lei and does the double duty of saving us from heat stroke on a hot day.


From Dollar Store:

  • colored sponges
  • string (I found some in the hardware section)

On hand

  • scissors
  • Plastic beading needles (for kids doing the project)
  • Thick, sharp needle or fork prong 

How to Start

I first saw this project on the tiny funnel.  I looked at the picture and thought… wow, that’s pretty easy.  I can do that with dollar store supplies.  I can make that with my six-year-old.  Let’s go. 

It is NOT easy.  But thankfully, I now know a few hacks that will make your life easier. 

You need to know before you begin this project that sponges are not simple to poke a hole through with a blunt instrument.  I thought, oooh porous with tons of holes, piece of cake.  No.  No, not at all.  

First, cut the sponges into small cubes.  Thread the string onto the beading needle. cut-sponges

We found that with a little bit of wiggling, my daughter, Llama, was able to poke holes through the pink sponges no problem.  threading-sponge-squareThe green sponges were our nemeses.  Evil, evil green.  

To solve this, I used the prong of a fork to poke a small hole into the sponge cube.  I then gave Llama the cube to string onto her necklace.  Do I suggest a prong of a fork?  NO!  Get yourself a very thick, sharp needle.  You do the poking.  Kids will do the stringing.  Everyone will be happy. 

When complete, tie the two ends of string together.  Wet the necklace and stick it in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.  When you take it out, let it thaw slightly and then enjoy the icy coolness. 

They also make very pretty crowns.


These sponge necklaces are a fun, colorful way to keep cool on a hot day.  While the sponges are little monsters to poke holes through,  with the right tools, this craft is very doable. Take them with you to the pool or when you BBQ this summer. 

Don’t leave yet! Find many more ideas for Dollar Store fun!  If you want more fun ideas with kids:



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