3 Dish Soap Science Tricks You Can DO Right Now!

We all want fun stuff to do with our kids – but many times the kids activities we find are too complicated and require way too much work. Not these!

Using dish soap and a few common kitchen ingredients, you can create amazing dish soap science projects that your kids will talk about for days to come.

Want a fun kid activity that needs only a couple of supplies? Do these 3 activities tonight with only dish soap and other ingredients you have in your kitchen.

I want to be a fun mom.  Don’t you?

However, I must admit that I get a tad overwhelmed.  Many kid activities also come with a huge list of needed supplies.

Go out and buy this obscure glue from a craft store across town.  Get this size (and only this size) of plastic baggies – and then of course your local grocery store is out of everything you need.

Let’s stop the madness!!

Here are three activities that you already have the supplies for:

No, really.

  • Pepper Magic
  • Colored Milk Art
  • Dish soap silly putty

Not only can you pull these items together in five minutes flat, but they will also amaze your kiddos.  And when you’re ready, I have 15 Very Simple Science Experiments You Can Do With Your Kids here.

Dish Soap Science: Pepper Magic

On our recent Disney cruise, one of our waiters amused my kids with this trick at dinner one night.

All you need is:

  • pepper
  • water
  • plate
  • dish soap

So easy, yes?

First, fill a shallow plate with water and sprinkle pepper on the surface.  Ask your child to stick his finger right in the center.

Nothing will happen.

Now, you act surprised and tell him, “Here, let me see your hand.”  (secretly squeeze a little dish soap on your own fingers before)

“I forgot to give your hand a little bit of magic.”

Massage his fingertips with your own.

“Now, try.”

He will stick his finger in the water again.  This time, his finger will repel the tiny pepper granules causing them to scurry to the edge of the plate.

easy magic trick with dish soap and pepper

Colored Milk Art

For this experiment, you’ll need:

  • milk
  • food coloring
  • a cotton swab
  • dish soap

For another magical experience, fill a shallow plate with milk.  Squeeze food coloring in the middle of the plate on the milk’s surface.

colored milk kid activity

Dab a cotton swab with dish soap and stick in the center of the food coloring.

milk and dish soap science experiment

Sit back and watch the color show!

Dish Soap Silly Putty

When you are all done with the magic, keep that dish soap handy and create a putty for your kids to play with on their own.  All you need is:

  • dish soap
  • corn starch

I found this activity originally on Smart Schoolhouse.  You will love how easy it is!

Simply mix together 2 tbs corn starch and 1.5 tablespoons dish soap.  Stir for about 10 seconds.  Pick up the clay and mix in your hands a little more.

And you’re done.  Seriously, that’s it!

Enjoyable family activities need not be complicated. These dish soap science tricks use ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

What fun will you create tonight?

How can I have more fun, quality time with my family?

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