10 Surprising Changes in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

You’ve been dying to see Beauty and the Beast!  You might have tons of questions:

Is it as good as the original?

What changes when the characters are played by real-life actors?

What is this I’m hearing about Lefou?

The movie arrives in theaters on Friday, March 17th.  But I have a little sneak peak for you!

Excited to see Beauty and the Beast? Read this movie review of how it compares to the original animation.

You’ve been devouring every little clip that’s released about Beauty and the Beast, right?  Maybe looking for those familiar scenes from your favorite Disney film from childhood.

Here, let me indulge you:

Or, at least close to your favorite. Right?

Real Live Actors change the story

I may be a little biased, but Belle has always been my Disney princess.  Brunette, loves books, intelligent… we’re like two peas in a pod.

To me, this movie is a huge deal!  I went in the media showing wondering, “Will Emma Watson hold up to my idealized Belle?”

I loved her.

From the opening scene, I was able to throw out all of her associations with Hermione and completely enjoy her as a girl in a small provincial town.

Maurice is much more sane than his cartoon character.

Maurice, played brilliantly by Kevin Kline, loses his cartoonish bumbling inventor-ness and becomes someone who can easily exist in real life.

He has this profound sadness about him – which we learn is due to the circumstances revolving around the death of Belle’s mom.

You will feel sorry for Gaston.

Gaston, played by Luke Evans, has depth.  He has reasons for behaving the way he does… and at times I felt a little sorry for him.

Is it weird to say I felt sorry for Gaston?  Let me know if you do too when you see the film.

Yes to LeFou!

You have probably heard mentions of LeFou and Gaston’s relationship in the film.  While not giving anything away, I will say that any indications of LeFou’s sexuality are extremely understated.  It works well in the film and gives LeFou a little more humanity.

The Identity of the Enchantress is revealed.

Yes! She is a real life person- instead of someone who appears at the beginning of the story and never to be heard from again.

Not so bad to be dressed by a Closet

When you look back on old movies – at least when I do – I sometimes cringe.  Like Snow White, who spends the entire movie yearning for a prince, That would not be OK storyline today.

There are some scenes in the animated Beauty and the Beast like that.  Remember the fight scene where a man gets pulled into the closet, pops out dressed like a woman and then runs out of the castle screaming?

In this version, three men are transformed into beautiful ladies.  Two of them run away screaming, but one is simply fabulous.

One major plot hole is answered.

Did you ever wonder as a kid,  “Why doesn’t this village know there is a humongous castle a few miles away?”

This is answered.  They give you a little piece of the puzzle during the opening story and then you see it’s impact in the end.

Did I mention I cried in this movie?  Oh my goodness, the sweetness of these reunions are bound to make you tear up too.

You can tell the Beast is done by computer – but you won’t mind too much

I don’t know why brains do this…

Have I ever seen a real Beast?


Do “Beasts” exist?


But, somehow I can tell that the Beast’s movements are fake.  A little rough at times… sometimes a little more fluid than I expect in real life.

Watch the movie and let me know.  Noticing this took me out of the Beauty and The Beast world a smidge, but the music and story more than made up for it.

Beast and Belle have one major commonality

Major bonding moment between these two characters.  I won’t tell you what – but it adds a lot more interest to the story and you realize how she could ever learn to love a beast.

You will learn more of Beast’s origin story

How can one person be so horribly mean?  Well, they tell you.  And dagnabit, it makes a ton of sense.  The storytelling here was phenomenal.  The music combined with this reveal made me cry.

Beauty and the Beast is guaranteed to be a movie you watch again and again.

Let me know what you think!


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