Water Balloon Bulls Eye

We want to have fun with our kids!  However, when summer hits, so do the expenses.  Kids activities are pricy, but entertainment doesn’t need to be expensive.  During these Dollar Store Days of Summer, I’m sharing ten activities that use only supplies found at the Dollar Store.   They are quick.  They are easy.  And most require little adult guidance and help.  Just sit back and watch your kids play.  Or.. jump in and join the fun!


Summer heat is full upon us.  Any activity I can think of that involves water is a go right now!  What’s more fun than water balloons?  Not only are they fun to toss at each other, but you can also create a more structured game (and even sneak in some math if you want without anyone the wiser.)


From Dollar Store:

  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Water balloons

On hand:

  • Bucket to hold balloons (although you can purchase a bucket at the Dollar Store too.

How to Start

To fill the balloons, I asked the kids to man the hose, fill each balloon with water and then hand it to me to tie.  We filled all the balloon we needed within 10 minutes.

Temperatures rose above 100 the day we played bulls eye. The five of us trekked into my front yard to use the driveway.  However, we immediately ran back to get shoes to protect our feet from the scalding pavement. 

To get this started I explained the game of bulls eye and the girls drew their own target.drawing-bulls-eye

They assigned points for each circle.


And started to throw.girl-throwing-water-balloon

Honestly, launching water balloons kept this group happy.  They did not keep score.  They wanted to just toss them and see them splatter on the ground.  

Variations you can use for this are:

  • Use the sidewalk chalk to keep score in another area of concrete.  Every time a kid hits the target, they can pick up the chalk and record their own score.  Highest score wins.
  • Shoot for 100.  Each player tries to make it as close to 100 as possible without going over.  They can choose to stop throwing balloons whenever they feel they are close enough.  

When the water balloons ran out, everyone helped with clean up and collecting those little plastic pieces off the driveway.  With each girl working, we picked up everything within 2 minutes.  

Don’t leave yet! Find many more ideas for Dollar Store fun!  If you want more fun ideas with kids:


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  1. This looks SO FUN! We live in Texas where it’s warm most of the year so we can get some mileage out of this. By the way, I found your blog on the Mom Cafe’s Pinterest board!

    1. Hi Jill!! Thanks for stopping by! We get a lot of milage out of water balloons here in AZ too. At least there are few benefits to living in hot climates, right?

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