First Month of School Checklist

Your kiddo started the new school year and hopefully everything is running smoothly.   Here are a few items for your back to school checklist to ensure things don’t get overlooked or forgotten.  Have you done the little extras that make a big difference?

Return Paperwork

Do your kiddos teacher a HUGE favor and don’t make her track you down to return your forms. This goes without saying…but unfortunately it needs to be said.  Just think…for every ONE form you fill out, she has to read THIRTY! Checklist4

Wash Your Kiddos School Lunch Box

As a teacher, nothing ruined my appetite more than smelling old, moldy food in the lunch boxes of my kiddos.  Throw that lunch box in the washer once a month to ensure your kid isn’t the “smelly kid.”


Send Your Teacher a Small Treat (don’t forget the classroom aide if there is one)

It’s no secret that I love chocolate, so when a student brought me something sweet, it really made my day.  It’s a simple and kind gesture that goes a long way.


Send Note to Teacher and Principal

Communication is key! I make it a point to email the teacher once every other week just to check in on my son (however usually no news is good news).  I also reach out to the principal a couple times a year, that way if something arises, my complaining isn’t the only interaction she has with me. Checklist5

Drop by the Classroom

A good school should have an open door policy- meaning parents should be able to stop by and feel welcome in the classroom.  Find out good times for your teacher (usually first thing or end of day.) Simply ask if they need help with anything or just say hello.


Tell us one thing you do at the beginning of the year to get off on the right foot!


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    1. I couldn’t believe it either, and I only have one in school. But, when I was teaching it was completely overwhelming to read and then remember it all.

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