Duck Tape Flower Pens

I love giving and receiving really useful gifts.  In my mind, nothing is more useful than a pen, especially one that is pretty and writes well.  Instead of giving just an ordinary pen, kids can spruce it up a bit with some duck tape flair.  There duck tape flowers look very impressive and are incredibly easy. 

First, I select a color of duck tape and tear off square pieces.  I find they don’t have to be exact squares, just close.

Next, I fold one of the corners of the square in so that it appears to make a large “L” with the sticky side that is still showing.corner-in

I then fold the adjacent corner in to form a triangle that has a strip of sticky exposed near the base.triangle-duck-tape

I like to fold all of my triangles before I begin the assembly process.   These are the petals. For my flowers, I like to have about fifty petals in all.petals
Taking the end of a pen, I center the pen in my petal…center-pen
And wrap the base of the petal around the pen barrel.wrap-around-pen

I then place the next petal so that the tip of the triangle is adjacent to the first petal and wrap that petal around the base as well. layer-petals

I keep placing petals in this fashion, until I have something that looks like this:complete-duck-tape-flower

To hide the seams of where the duck tape meets the pen, I tear four small squares of tape and place them around the base of my flower like so, wrapping the excess around the base of the pen.layer-base-flower

I cover more of the pen barrel with tape until enough of the barrel is covered.finished-flower
A finished flower!  Make five of these and you have enough for a bouquet.
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