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Running With A Stroller

I’ve written before about running while sick.  When I was on the brink of a horrible sinus infection and had loads of disgusting mucus, I was able to push through and make every run on my training schedule.  This weekend, I skipped my long run.  It doesn’t matter how sick I am, but when I have a sick child, it completely derails me.

My son, Dude, is 9-months-old and hasn’t had a fever (lucky) his entire life until this past week.  It started with a cold and low-grade fever, then went away for a couple of days and came back hard on Friday night.  That night, Dude joined us in our bed, (which he does every night but that’s another post). He tossed and turned and cried out uncomfortably.  The soles of his feet and palms of his hands radiated heat.  I reached for the thermometer on my nightstand and took his temperature. 103.  Panic rushed through me.  I go berserk with fevers in my children.  I always imagine the fever continuing for days and days and the doctors aren’t able to figure out what’s wrong and it turns out to be some horrible, deadly disease…  I’ve watched way too much television.

I gave Dude the recommended dose of Infant Advil.  Once it took effect, he went to sleep.  On Saturday night, same thing.  Except this time, it was apparent he had a stomach ache too.  He wouldn’t nurse.  I got out of bed and bounced with him.  Then, he had three massive diapers in a row.  After that, his fever miraculously broke and he slept.  I could have gotten up early on Easter Sunday to run, but I decided to forgo it in favor of the extra hour of sleep.

On Monday morning, after nursing all night to soothe his tummy, Dude woke me up my throwing up all over me.  It was 6 AM.  Funny thing is that it didn’t even faze him.  He just rolled over and went back to sleep.  I was up though.  So, I went running.  I was expecting a horrible run, but once I started, it felt great.  Easy, even.  Some Boston marathon mojo must have been in the air. Their start time was the same time I began my run.

When I came back home, I looked like this.

Yes, I’m exhausted.  I still am, but I’m hoping that Dude is on the mend and I get much better sleep tonight.  Tomorrow starts another running day.  I’m still pushing on for that 5k on May 31st!

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