No Sick Days For Mommy

What do you do when you can’t call in sick as a mommy?  I fear I have contracted the flu on one of the busiest weekends in months.  It’s my second sons 3rd birthday (YAY!) and I always take the boys for a special trip for their birthday.  This year we went to Connect 5 (stay tuned for a detailed post) and we had a birthday party today.  Tomorrow is Water Day at church.

I woke up Friday and felt fine but by the time we left Connect5, I could barely hold my head up.  I called my husband at work over and over again but to no avail.  We got home in one piece and I had no option, I had to put my baby in her crib to cry it out until she fell asleep so that I could lay down.  I had never felt so low as a mother, let alone how I felt my body was failing me.

It’s rare that I get this sick but I have always had immediate help whether it’s my husband or my mother who rush to my aid.  Unfortunately this day no one would come to the rescue.  Baby had to cry it out and the boys had to play video games in their room while I lay in bed with chills, sweats, and dare I say it…diarrhea. Now, as my body is recovering, I dread the week to come.  I am behind on the cleaning, cooking, laundry, blogging, jewelry making, and everything else I have to do in any given day.

My heart goes out to all you mother’s who have ever been sick while fulfilling all of your motherly and wifely duties.  There are no sick days for a mommy, someone is always depending on you.  Wishing you a swift recovery.


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