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Podcast Episode 267: What Parenting Style Is Best? A Real Life Case Study

Buckle up because today, I’m taking a leap of faith and sharing a personal story that’s close to my heart. Yes, I’m a little nervous about putting it all out there, but I believe that by opening up about my parenting journey, I can help others navigate the wild ride of raising kids.

Once upon a time, in the land of our cozy home, my ex-husband and I embarked on the grand adventure of parenting. From the start, it was clear we had different parenting philosophies. And even after we parted ways with our marriage, we both continued on our differing parenting paths. That meant our kids got to live a life with one household very authoritarian (with their dad) and another household that was very authoritative (with me).

So, grab your favorite beverage, get comfy, and let’s dive into the tale of two parenting styles and the lessons they taught me and my family.

In this episode of the No Guilt Mom podcast you’ll learn:

  • About Brie’s real life experience with her kids being raised in 2 different parenting households: authoritarian vs. authoritative parenting
  • The importance of having high expectations and high praise for your children
  • The way parenting styles impacts children as individuals and the parent/child relationship
  • That if you are struggling with a differing parenting style from your partner, you are not alone!

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Brie Tucker

COO/ Podcast Producer at No Guilt Mom
Brie Tucker has over 20 years of experience coaching parents with a background in early childhood and special needs. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Central Missouri and is certified in Positive Discipline as well as a Happiest Baby Educator.

She’s a divorced mom to two teenagers.

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