Special Education – Special Indeed Part 3

What is it like when your child needs special education?  Part 3 of this story is how one mom felt when her child entered preschool. 

Kurt Starts Preschool

Kurt is an amazing child. He is incredibly sweet, kind, and loves his mommy.  Kurt started preschool the day after he turned three.  I had high hopes but low expectations.  He seemingly struggled with every aspect of school, from sitting during circle time to cooperating in small group.  It was a knife to my heart to hear reports daily that Kurt had to be physically restrained in order to participate in every day activities  Many nights I cried myself to sleep wondering if things would ever get better for Kurt, and eventually they would.  Just not yet.

In my opinion, Kurt was not showing any considerable improvement.  Since Kurt didn’t start school until April 1st, he only would receive seven weeks of preschool before the long summer break.  ESY (extended school year, like summer school) seemed the only reasonable option to me.  I knew without an extended year and continued practice, Kurt would experience a regression and things would get worse for him.

His teachers didn’t agree.  They fought me tooth and nail…it seemed Kurt would not be going to ESY.  Being the agreeable person that I am (wink wink), I held meeting after meeting with his teacher presenting data after data from speech teachers, home work, etc. showing that Kurt was improving but would lose all his new acquired knowledge if he didn’t continue with school.  I succeeded.  Kurt was granted ESY (the squeaky wheel gets the grease).What do you do when you child needs special education? How one mom deals.


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