Kid Designed Note Pads

Easy craft for kids to make for Father's Day, Mother's Day, teachers, birthdays or any holiday! Have your children give the gift of their own creativity! This post tells you where to find those white note cubes (not easy!).One of my favorite kid made gift ideas is this simple notepad cube.  It may not look like much, but it lasts forever.  The sentiment is felt every single time the special recipient looks at or uses their cube.  It’s simple, affordable, and easily baby, kid and even grown-up friendly.



Colored Markers (you can use your oil-based Sharpies from the Kid Crafted Plates)

BAZIC Paper Cube, 85 x 85 mm, White, 500 Count
($4.25 on Amazon) *Affiliate Link


The great thing about this project is it is literally that simple!  Have your older kiddos plan out their artwork or even just create on the spur of the moment.


It’s even a great project for the littles.  My advice is to use washable markers with them (had a hard time getting the blue Sharpie out of Beauty’s white dress).


These colored post-it notes can be used in place of the white cube notepads.  As you can see, they can fall apart if not used by delicate hands.


Try this idea or one of our many Kid Made Gift ideas.  Check them out by clicking the picture below:





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