My Weight Loss Challenge

Disclosure: Megan was gifted her weight loss program, however her weight loss journey is completely her own!

 B.C. – Before Challenge

I wear my weight like a scarlet letter, as if someone can see right through my skin and see the scars my fat has created on my heart. 


Ready to ride out of here for naptime! Thank you @vertucciofarms!

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I have struggled with body image my entire life, often times putting my entire self worth into my appearance.  When I started having children six and a half years ago I found an excuse to stop trying and start eating.  Thus began a spiral and has gotten me to 192.7 pounds and a feeling of utter defeat.  Feeling no pride in how I look, shying away from attention (which is so not me) and hiding in the corner has become an every day occurrance.  I have become “the fat friend” and I hate being the fattest person in the room. 



Ready to ride out of here for naptime! Thank you @vertucciofarms!


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Had an awesome day at Kid’s Day Off!


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Once I realized how unhappy I had actually become, after years of complaining, I have decided to finally do something about it.  I am going to fix my weight so I am healthy for my kids, happy for my friends, and affectionate for my husband. 

Nothing changes

What I’m Doing –

 I am literally eating chocolate.  This has got to be my favorite part.  I drink my energy booster and shake for breakfast, followed by essential vitamins.  Then, I drink water water water. It took me a few days to get used to drinking this much water but now I LOVE it.  For lunch, I drink another shake and eat a sensible dinner.  For snacks in between meals, I eat my chocolate.  I have never been excited about a “diet” before, but I have more energy and excitement.  I am even dreaming about how excited I am to lose the weight.   I am on day 6 of my 30 day weight loss challenge and have lost 5 pounds!


Isabeforeside Isafrontbefore

 Have you ever started a diet before? What advice do you have for me?


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