Tips for Visiting BounceU

Disclosure: Whimsicle was given free admission to BounceU for a review.  However, our enthusiasm and playtime is our own.  This post includes an affiliate link.

Bounce U is an indoor play center with tons of inflatable play.  Kids can bound up ladders, race down slides, go head-to-head in the boxing ring and even shoot balls out of air-powered cannons. Currently, BounceU has a Groupon for Five Open Bounce Sessions for $25.

To make the most out of your visit, we have some tips to make your trip to BounceU run smoothly.


If you have multiple kids, dress them alike.

It is so much easier to find your kiddos when you remember what they wear. I often dress my boys in the same gear so when they get lost, and they inevitably will, I can describe what they were wearing.




Bright and/or eye catching colors makes them easier to find.

How easy is it to find this child in green?  When you hear a little voice yelling mom, you can easily search for the brightest star in the room.




Bounce1Arrive early – there will be big crowds and long lines.

It’s just to be expected that in Arizona, any air conditioned activity is going to be popular.  Don’t miss out on your paid bounce time waiting in line.  Arrive a few minutes early so you can be one of the first to check in.



Bounce5If possible, pre-pay or purchase admission in advance.

BounceU offers a pre-pay online option.  Utilize this awesome feature and save minutes paying at arrival. It’s super fast and convenient.



girl-BounceUTell your kiddos your time table, then minus 30 minutes.

Bouncing can be exhausting for us parents.  Luckily, it also wears the kids out.  Tell your kids in advance how long you plan to stay.  If I plan on staying the two full hours included in admission, then I tell my kids 90 minutes so if I am exhausted I can leave a little early without upsetting the little ones.


Bounce7Avoid school breaks.

If at all possible, avoid visiting during major school breaks.  BounceU is incredibly popular because of the air conditioning, affordable cost, and family friendly atmosphere.  You may enjoy your experience more on a less crowded day.





IBounce3Birthday parties are an amazing and private way to enjoy.

For a more private experience, try booking a private party.  You get time to bounce in both giant inflatable rooms AND time in the party room.



BounceU-babyYoungsters may want to skip, especially on busy days.

Dude was a wee bit overwhelmed by the crowd and size of the kids.  If you are visiting on a busy day, think about finding a sitter for the very young babies.  Crawling on the floor is out. 


Bounce4Set a meeting place.

One of the great things about BounceU is your kids can literally run wild.  Give your kiddos a time and meeting place to meet up because you will certainly lose sight of them as they bounce their hearts out. 



Bounce9Find your happy place.

My last bit of advice….find your happy place.  It is going to be busy but the joy on your kids faces is priceless.  Even with the large crowd, the kids had plenty of room to play and bounce and were thrilled to be there.  The time and energy spent will not be forgotten.




BounceU in located 1166 S Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296 (In Gilbert Town Square) and can be reached at (480) 632-9663.  Check out their website for information about Birthday parties, Parents’ Night, Special Events, and more.

Open Bounce is held Monday-Friday 3:30-5:30; Wednesday & Friday 1:30-3:30

Admission is $8.95 for the first child and $7.95 for additional kiddos.

Bounce U has a Groupon right now for five open bounce visits for $25.  This works out to a 44% savings.  You can find it here:
Groupon Deal for BounceU – Five open bounce sessions for $25

Note:  This is an affiliate link.  You pay nothing extra using our link to this groupon deal.  However, when you purchase we receive payment that helps us keep Whimsicle running.


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