Income Reports

Wondering how to boost your income and page views as a blogger?

Want an inside look at my business?  Here’s the monthly breakdown. Read from the beginning!

The first report is from March 2015.  You will find the newest report at the bottom.



Want to know how a beginning blogger starts on the road to a full time income? This post shares page views, income report and strategy for this blogger with one year of experience.
If you a beginning blogger, this post will give you the inspiration to keep going. Gives a realistic account of traffic and income, plus what this blogger is doing to improve it. Learn about re-recreating a viral post, results of being featured on a larger site and the result of facebook ads.

A beginning blogger's candid report about income and how to grow traffic. This month is all about Pinterest and how I increased my referrals from 12 a day to 170!

How in the world do you grow your blog as a new blogger? Learn what NOT to do on Pinterest and how one blogger got her pictures accepted on Food Gawker.


Owning a business is tough! This article details the struggle of a beginning blogger with a candid look at mistakes and how to actually build traffic.
The inside thought process of building a blog business! Ever consider launching a product? Also delves into how to research your audience.
This month, see what happens during the self publishing of a book and how a blogger keeps her blog going in the meantime. Also, how its normal for traffic to go down.
November Blog Income Report
Tired of struggling making money on your blog? Tips to increase page views, increase reader engagement and increase ad revenue.
Wondering how all the big blog get thousands of email followers? This explains how to start out.