Ready to stop dreading homework time?

Break free from nagging, fighting, and reminding with the Drama Free Homework Checklist!

Yes! Send my FREE checklist, please!
Yes! Send my FREE checklist, please!

Feel like everything is homework these days? You're exhausted... and for good reason!

Download our FREE Drama Free Homework Checklist and get:

  • a basic structure for homework time that'll stop you from second-guessing and wondering if you're doing the right thing,
  • simple solutions to common homework struggles, so you can stop fighting and start having a calmer homework time, and
  • learn the best time to do homework (it's probably not when you think!)

Hey, I'm JoAnn Crohn, M.Ed.

As a teacher, I had no idea the homework challenges that parents faced until.... daughter started Kindergarten. Not only was she exhausted from a full school day, but I struggled with spending half of our afternoon coaxing her to finish.  

The Drama Free Homework Checklist was our first step toward homework time that was free from crying or breakdowns!

We now have drama free homework time in our house and I can help you have the same.


Don't let another day pass where homework takes over your entire evening!

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