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Give your kids days of fun with pre-planned games, kindness projects, and sibling adventures!

🙋‍♀️ Right now, you feel like you're in survival mode...

  • Everyone is fighting and you desperately crave a distraction for your kids - something they can have fun with and look forward to.
  • You wish your kids had more happy, kind time together - instead of hitting, screaming and being angry with each other.
  • This pandemic has been hard! Many of your kids' activities are on hold and you feel bad that they're missing out on so much.

Add the fun back into their day!

Get the Sibling Adventure Missions so you can watch your kids play, laugh, be kind and have fun together.

Add the fun back into their day!

Get the Sibling Adventure Missions so you can watch your kids play, laugh, be kind and have fun together.

Seeing my kids play together gives me the warm fuzzies.

Does it do that to you, too?

In between the fights and disagreements, we know our kids love each other when we see them playing a game, working on an art project, or exploring the world.

Hey, I'm JoAnn Crohn. I'm a former fifth-grade teacher hold a Masters in Education and I'm a National Board Certified Teacher.

I created this Sibling Adventure Missions to give my kids more of those happy moments - and save you from having to search for activities for them to do.

How Sibling Adventure Missions will create joy in your family:

1. Watch a fun video together.

2. Work and play toward a common goal.

3. Have a great shared experience.

Your one-stop, boredom-busting, fun sibling time solution


When you order, you'll immediately get access to:

This is your mission.. if you choose to accept it!

(VALUE: $48)

14 teacher-led, secret agent mission assignments

14 Missions That Kids Do Together

  • Mission 1: Create an appreciation poster for your sibling
  • Mission 2: Challenge your sibling to a three-color coloring challenge
  • Mission 3: Learn a new paper & pencil game to play with your sibling
  • Mission 4: Complete a scavenger hunt with your sibling
  • Mission 5: Compliment your sibling by playing kind words bingo
  • Mission 6: Do a science experiment with your sibling (choose one of 10 easy experiments with video instructions in the Sibling Adventure Pack!)
  • Mission 7: Create a fun experience for your grown-ups (Adults, you'll live this one!)
  • Mission 8: Challenge your siblings to a joke challenge!
  • Mission 9: Have a dinner conversation with your family using the conversation cards in the Sibling Adventure Pack.
  • Mission 10: Teach your sibling a new skill (or learn one together from the Sibling Adventure Pack.
  • Mission 11: Create a sibling time capsule
  • Mission 12: Challenge your sibling to charades by acting out the situations in the Sibling Adventure Pack.
  • Mission 13: Dare your sibling with the kid-friendly dares in the pack.
  • Mission 14: Create a sibling bucket list.

Top Secret Joke File

When kids finish all fourteen missions, they get access to the top secret joke file - created by siblings who finish all fourteen missions.

That means your kids can also get a joke published in the top secret joke file!

Bonus: Very Simple Science Experiments for Kids

(VALUE: $29.00)

"MO-OM... I don't know how to do this!" You stare at the experiment, and oh my goodness, you can't figure it out either.

That's why I'm giving you video tutorials of EVERY single science experiment in the pack complete with kid-friendly explanation about the science behind the experiment.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What age of kids does this work for?

This pack is best for six to eleven-year-olds. Siblings younger than five will need help with the reading, however they will find the activites fun! Older siblings may like to participate as well - you know, depending on their mood.

How soon will I receive the pack?

You'll get it immediately. As soon you pay, you'll receive an email with the pack you can download and print. Make sure to check your spam folder, as it may be held up there! If you don't receive it, contact [email protected] and we will make sure you get your order.

How do I access the videos?

Also, waiting in your email will be your login for the Very Simple Science Experiments video guide. You can sign in with your kids and start viewing the videos immediately.

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