Ready to make homework your kids' job, not yours?

This FREE challenge pack helps kids set a homework (or virtual learning) habit goal and achieve it.

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Here's what you'll get inside this FREE Challenge Pack: 

  • 5 guided goal-setting challenges for kids Kindergarten - Eighth Grade.
  • Finally, know how to keep your kids motivated through their remote learning at home.
  • You'll love the goal sheet that leads kids in creating a new "homework" habit.

Hey, I'm JoAnn Crohn, M.Ed.

As a teacher, I had no idea the homework challenges that parents faced until.... daughter started Kindergarten. Not only was she exhausted from a full school day, but I struggled with spending half of our afternoon coaxing her to finish.  

The change came when I shifted the responsibility of homework from me to her.

We now have drama free homework time in our house and I can help you have the same.

"Thank you!"

"I completed the challenge pack with both of my kids over the weekend (incoming 4th and 2nd graders), and we all really enjoyed it! My son at first was so resistant, but your writing style (and the fact these were quick and easy challenges) made it fun. I was surprised by how honest and reflective they both were on their experience at the end of last school year. Thank you!"


"It was really helpful"

"We went through and used the homework challenge pack as a way to reflect on what worked well and what we needed to work on this time round while remote learning. It was really helpful, and the kids were spot on with what they all thought they needed to improve on and why it would be helpful for them."