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 In this groundbreaking new course FOR KIDS, I'll teach your child to create their own personalized homework routine. (and like it!)

You know what needs to happen for a successful homework routine.

Now, your kids need to learn. Let me teach them.

Homework calm is coming your way.

"Homework in our house has been a daily struggle for YEARS! My youngest daughter Annie struggles to focus, which usually meant hours of begging, pleading, and yelling for her to get her homework done (and often a whole lot of tears--sometimes hers and sometimes mine!) 

She watched the entire course in one sitting (the videos are short and easy to digest) and then proceeded to sit down and do her homework WITHOUT BEING ASKED. That has never, ever happened before"

- Ruth Soukup 

Course closes in...


As a mom AND former teacher, I know both sides of the battle...

As Seen on...

Homework 911 was a life saver! Right off the bat JoAnn's positive attitude and encouraging content made me feel like there was hope and that I am not the only mom dealing with frustrating homework struggles. 

I can honestly say I've never seen my 10 year old so focused and self driven. Homework that normally takes us 2 hours to complete was cut down to under an hour. These simple strategies helped me and my little get organized and tackle what seemed like an impossible task. 

- Olivia C. 

For less than the cost of an hour of after-school tutoring, you'll have:

  • a child who does their homework 90% independently (as long as they're old enough to read.)
  • Zero-delay from your kids when it comes to starting and completing homework.
  • Complete confidence that your kids are developing skills to tackle larger amounts of work in the future. (hello, high school)

Want a sneak peek inside?

This course includes:

  • Twelve quick video tutorials that motivate, inspire and lead your child in creating his or her perfect homework routine.
  • Helpful planning printables that guide your kid every step of the way
  • a private, parent-only facebook community where you can share your child's success and get support
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Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm JoAnn Crohn, M.Ed. I'm a former elementary school teacher who is National Board Certified, founder of NoGuiltMom.com, author of Drama Free Homework: A Parent's Guide to Eliminating Homework Battles and Raising Focused Kids and I have two kids of my own. 

As a teacher, I had no idea the homework challenges that parents faced until....

...my daughter started Kindergarten. Not only was she exhausted from a full school day, but I struggled with spending half of our afternoon coaxing her to finish.  

And I had a newborn at the time... 

 I structure our homework routine like...

...I structured my fifth-grade classroom. After a few weeks, my daughter started taking on more of the homework responsibilty and relying less on me.  

We now have stress-free homework time in our house.

Wondering if this course is for you?

Homework 911 is for you if...

  • You're the parent of a child between the ages of 5 - 12.
  • You're frustrated with the amount of time homework takes every night.
  • You wish your child had better study skills.
  • Every night feels like a constant negotiation with your kid to do homework AND you want that to end!
  • You feel like you're alone in this homework struggle.

We were able to make some great and effective positive changes to our homework routine. Thanks for helping us to see homework in a different light!

-Kelly K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I be sure this will work on my child?

I understand. You've tried so much to help your child do homework and yet nothing has worked. The strategies taught in Homework 911 are the EXACT same strategies I used in my fifth-grade classroom to get 30 students focused and completing assignments. They are also how I taught my own children to be self motivated when completing homework.

Q: What if my kid has ADHD or behavioral problems?

The strategies you'll learn in Homework 911 are similar to what I used with students in my fifth grade classroom with ADHD and other behavioral problems. They work to break down tasks into smaller steps and keep kids focused.

Q: How fast will this work? 

Parents tell me that they completed the 30-minute course, started implementing the strategies with their kids that afternoon and saw progress immediately. 

Q: My child is homeschooled and doesn't have "homework," will this help?

Yes! Homework 911 teaches your child productivity skills along with ways to motivate yourself and how to think about hard assignments. If your kid struggles with focus or starting work, this course will definitely help him or her. 

Q: How long will this take?

This step-by-step course has less than 30 minutes of course videos. . However, it all depends how fast your child chooses to work through it. It can take you from constant struggle to under control in less than 1 day. Plus, the support and camaradarie you'll find in our private facebook group will encourage you and help you troubleshoot your specific situation. 

Q: What if disciplining never works with my child?

This doesn't rely on discipline in the punitive sense. You won't be punishing or standing over your kid every second. Homework 911 will teach your kid how to take control of his or her own homework so that THEY WANT to complete their assignments independently and stay focused.

30-day No Guilt Guarantee

I want your homework time to be effective and calm! If you don't feel like Homework 911 is for you, I'll gladly refund your purchase within the first 30 days. However, I think you'll love it.