Your kids will calm down, deal with frustration and express their emotions.

EVEN with their siblings!



Your kids will calm down, deal with frustration and express their emotions.  

EVEN with their siblings!

Right now, your child...

is talking back to you and not listening. 

fights with their sibling and has no way to make up. 

gets angry over seemingly trivial things.


An on-demand video course for KIDS ages 7 to 12 created by a National Board Certified Teacher.

Growing up can be confusing.

Kids brains are changing, but not at the same pace as the world around them. 

They don't know how to tell you and others how they feel - which leads to built-up anger, and frustration.

Yelling, crying, and unexplainable moody behavior from one second to the next. 

Let me teach your kids how to figure out their emotions and express those emotions to others before the anger sets in. 

Not sure it'll work with your kid?

100% Money Back Happiness Guarantee!

If your child isn't into it or you haven't seen improvement, you'll get your money back - no hoops to jump through, no questions asked.

How the Course Works:

Emotions 911 breaks down mastering emotions into four critical steps. 


Kids learn how their brain is still developing and why they might find it hard to control their emotions.

  • They have an "upstairs brain" & downtairs brain". The key is getting those two pieces to communicate.
  • The #1 thing every person should do when they're angry. 


Kids learn how to notice their emotions and how to handle it.

  • The "excuse me' method of avoiding meltdown.
  • Finding the perfect calm down trick for them..


You have to name it to claim it.

  • The difference between inside emotions and outside emotions.
  • How to get specific about why they're upset.


The one framework they'll ever need to communicate their feelings to other.

  • How what you say is equally important as HOW you say it.
  • How they need to claim responsibility for their own feelings and conflicts


In this lesson, your kids learn the difference between inside and outside emotions - and why they need to share how they feel.


  •  Twelve power-packed focused lessons that teach through video lessons, assignments and quizzes
  • Emotions 911 workbook that guide your child through their feelings and how to express them
  • A step-by-step process to help keep your child accountable


Meet the Teacher

Hi, I'm JoAnn Crohn, M.Ed. I'm a former elementary school teacher who is National Board Certified, founder of, author of Drama Free Homework: A Parent's Guide to Eliminating Homework Battles and Raising Focused Kids and I have two kids of my own. 

As a teacher, I learned that students' emotional growth was EVERYTHING!

Kids who could solve conflict and express their emotions had far less academic trouble. They were able to concentrate more in class because they could handle conflict outside of it.

I taught my own children these skills.

While they have their share of fights - they are siblings after all - they're also able to settle conflicts.

I want to help your child be able to handle HUGE emotions, too.

As Seen on...

What Families Say About JoAnn's Courses:

I can honestly say I've never seen my 10 year old so focused and self driven. Homework that normally takes us 2 hours to complete was cut down to under an hour


She watched the entire course in one sitting (the videos are short and easy to digest) and then proceeded to sit down and do her homework WITHOUT BEING ASKED. That has never, ever happened before"

- Ruth-

"My child seems more confident and responsible when it comes to homework and the weight of getting my child to finish his homework is off my shoulders."


"The videos engaged my son. He couldn't wait to use the secret ninja move."


"My son is now super invested in getting up and ready quickly and my daughter now knows how much time it takes for her to actually do everything. I've already told my co-worker about the course!"

-Brenda D,-

"I like that this course was directed at kids and gave me one less thing to worry about"

-Danielle W.-

Wondering if this course is for your family?

Emotions 911 is for your child if...

  • they either shut down or lose their temper when they're upset.
  • You wish they knew how to better express their emotions
  • they're dealing with frustration by taking it out on others - like you or their siblings.
  • You feel like you're at the end of the end of your rope with the emotional mood swings and aren't sure how to help your kid.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I be sure this will work on my child?

I understand. You've tried so much to help your child handle their emotions, yet nothing has worked. Every child is different. What I offer is a framework to help kids understand their own emotions. Over time, they will be more aware of what they're feeling and how to express that.

Q: What if my kid has ADHD or behavioral problems?

The videos in Emotions 911 are short - between 4-7 minutes on average. They're designed to be quick-moving to capture your child's attention. Since it's self paced and you have access to the course forever, your child can go through just a little at a time. 

Q: How fast will this work? 

The course is completely self-paced. How fast it works depends on how fast your child wants to take it. And then, after they learn the strategies, you'll see some improvement right away. Over time by practicing these strategies, their emotional intelligence will grow.

Q: How long will this take?

This step-by-step course is 12 lessons. Each lesson takes between 4-7 minutes to watch the video and then another 10 minutes to complete the activity and quiz. That's only 15 minutes per lesson!

30-day Happiness Guarantee

I want your home time to be effective and calm! If you don't feel like Emotions 911 is for you, I'll gladly refund your purchase within the first 30 days. However, I think you'll love it.